Foot placement on the pedal

So my 24” Nimbus II arrived about a week ago. I’ve started out slow and have been practicing just sitting on it for 5-10 minutes then practicing doing ‘rocks’ on both feet. I’ve been doing several hundred per session until I feel comfortable. The problem I’m having though is when my right foot is at the six o’clock position the crank rubs against my foot. I’ve been watching videos and seeing where others are placing their feet. It seems just about everybody places the pedal on the arch portion of their foot. I’ve also been watching bicycle riders and they seem to place it their too. I, on the other hand, place the ball of my foot on the pedal. This comes from wearing clipless pedals on my mountain bike. The shoe portion of the clip is already at the ball of my foot and can’t be changed. So, I’ve adapted this style to unicycling as well. I’ve tried placing it on the arch and it just doesn’t feel comfortable. What I have had to resort to is putting my foot further out on the pedal. Was just wondering if anyone else has had to make this adjustment.

I ride with the pedals in the middle of my foot, i use to ride BMX and i had clips for most of the time riding so it can be a hard thing to get use to. I mainly ride with my foot in the middle so i can do drops better but for when im doing tricks i ride on my toes.

Its mainly personal preference and whatever you are comfortable with. You can get different cranks so your feet dont hit the cranks or get bigger pedals.

i ride with the middle of my foot, but it’s really just person preference. i know a few other riders that ride with the ball of their foot. the reason your foot is hitting the cranks might have more to do with your pedals themselves. if they are nice platform pedals then your problem can be fixed by simply sliding your foot a little farther outwards. however if they are just cheap plastic pedals(not platform style, but just generic plastics that most learner uni’s come with) then you don’t really have enough room to adjust your foot outwards any. you’re fine to be learning to ride with the ball of your foot and eventually you’ll get it sitting on the pedal in a spot that doesn’t hit the cranks. the only realy issue you could have from using the ball of your foot would be if you’re interested in doing either big street or trials, both of those have some pretty big drops and you may risk ankle injuries by riding with the balls of your feet.

also, i see that you’re from Newprt news, va. i myself and from richmond and i actually plan on setting up a richmond street/trials ride later in the fall(end of september beginning of october) somewhere in there. you’re welcome to come along for the ride. it’s a great opportunity to meet other riders. plus there’s gonna be riders from all skill levels. if you’re interested in joining email Joseph Neigh at and tell him that you’d like to be included in the DCuni email list. we do rides all around va and dc throughout the years and they’re lots of fun.


wear light boots. as a motorcyclist i have street boots designed for riding a street motorbike and it is light enough to be super comfy like any ordinary shoe but offers ankle protection of boots.

if you have non-steelcap boots use them. as a learner you will mash your ankles a lot.

put your feet where they feel comfortable for you. cover your ankles. put some music on and try not to think about what you are doing while you are doing it. a bit of a buzz from a beer can be a good thing.

Most freestyle riders ride on the balls of their feet, some nearly on their toes. That’s my inclination for all styles of riding since I was taught freestyle first.

But, I’ve noticed I injur my ankles less doing drops, stairs, etc if I move more toward the center of my foot. The injury in this case isn’t from side-to-side but when the front of my foot bends up too far up when landing. It seems a common mishap.

Hitting your feet/ankles on the cranks can have a lot to do with where you are comfortable placing your feet. Larger pedals may help, and cranks with a larger Q-factor (distance between pedals) might do the trick as well.

If you are hitting your ankle bones (which really hurts) find some soccer shin guards with removable guards (the part covering your shins) and wear just the lower part which covers your ankle bones. Pureists will complain but it’s your ankles, not theirs. :wink:

Thans everyone for the advice. I’m going to stick with riding on the balls of my feet. It feels most comfortable for me. I won’t be doing anything other than riding. No tricks, or stairs, or craziness like that. I’m 37teen (I don’t use the ‘f’ word) and I don’t have the same coordination anymore. The pedals on my Nimbus are quite large and I have been able to move my feet out some. I also like the idea of different cranks with a larger ‘Q-Factor’ depending on my progress.

Loading up the arches is not recommended - there are serious helath issues with that. I’d suggest JacobSpera should do some serious work on that.

Yep - balls of the feet.