foot on the crown

Well today I did 11 revolutions one-footed. I was so happy until i realized my foot wasn’t on the crown. I tried it again and each time my toe would hit the tire and slow down all the momentum, and I’d fall. Once I fell and landed on my semi-broken (from anohter unicycle fall) toe and hit my knee I decided to call it quits.

Where should I put my foot on the crown? The toes? The heel? The arch? Where?

Just put your foot somewhere comfortable, so it doesn’t touch the tire. To figure out the best place, go next to a wall, and mount one footed in the ‘dead’ position (cranks vertical) so the wheel won’t move. Then hold the wall and find out how each different foot position feels.

I always put my toe on the crown. Actually, now I usually ride one footed with my leg hanging out, swinging around. More fun that way, in my opinion.

Congratulations on your 11 revolution one foot effort! If you have flat soled shoes, then I guess it is up to you where you put your foot, and like James says just put it where it is comfortable. If your shoes have an arch/heel then I’d suggest that the arch is the best place, because it adds stability due to not being able to slip forwards. It’s good to practise both foot on crown and foot extended, because each have practical uses: foot on crown for when you snap an axle, and extended when your foot slips off the pedal.

I also have the problem of my foot hitting the tire sometimes. My left foot sits on the crown just fine, but theres something bung about my right foot, and when I put it on the crown it seems to angle downwards at the front more, and can sometimes rub. You will get used to moving it into the right position, it just pops up there without thinking.

Congratulations on one-footed riding. When you get this down well there are many other tricks you can learn from it. I put my left foot on the crown at the heel and my right foot on the crown at the toe. For some reason, when I try to put my right heel on the crown my toe brushes the tire, even though this does not happen with the left foot.

Awesome at 1 footed. I find it easiest to start at a wall and get up so that you can mess around with foot placement. I used you have my foot on the arch but now I keep it on the heel, so when I glide I dont have to adjust my braking foot any. Awesome that you can 1foot now!

I learned how to ride one-footed about 8 months ago and to this day, I am not able to get my foot on the crown. I have recently decided to stop trying. I guess if it doesn’t effect my riding, why bother?

I believe riding one foot with other foot extended is a more advanced skill than foot on crown so this is not necessarily a bad thing.

I’m trying to learn one foot extended and its taking a while. Learn both, learn early.