Foot on Crown Placement

Hi, I’ve been recently practicing tricks that require one foot to rest on the crown (1ft-ww, 1ft idling) and I was wondering if there was any optimal way of putting my foot on the crown. Most of the times the tip of my resting foot falls in the way of the tire, usually resulting in failing the attempted trick.

I turn to your collective wisdom for enlightenment.
Any tips or opinions?

I usually place my foot near the arch for 1ft riding with the toe shifted away a bit so it doesn’t rub the tire and that seems to work well. I’m guessing off hand the best way is going to differ per person, and their comfort level. (pic’s make my legs look skinny :roll_eyes: )

I put the ball of my foot, toes on the crown. That way it can’t rub against the tyre. It also stays out of the way of my other foot when stand up one foot wheel walking that way. If you can’t get your foot on the crown or it keeps slipping off you could put the seat up a bit while practising foot on crown tricks.

aim to get the joint of you big to onto the ridge of the crown.

in my opinion that’s the best spot for comfort/control

Many thanks for the tips, they’ll hopefully help me progress further with my foot on crown tricks. :slight_smile: