Foot injury and various other things

yeah, im sure it’ll go over well when im trying to explain how i broke my toes too…

Another update, After surgery yesterday and a day in the hospital, which I must say kinda sucked, im back home. still no preminant cast, but the surgery went well (and about 3 hours long) and now my foot hurts more than it did before the surgery. but it’s suposed to be better in the long run.

Sorry to hear, Max, but glad the surgery went well. My wrist, sprained last year, is acting up again. Grrr.

Good to hear that the surgery went well. I had my ankle plated after a telemarking accident, and it DID hurt more after the surgery than before. However, the cool thing about having things stabilized via surgery is that I didn’t have to have a permanent cast…I had one week in a permanent cast, then spent the next five weeks with one of those giant grey foam and hard plastic booties. The good news was that the crutching around was actually more fun than I had previously imagined. Crutches, when a short term thing, can be a kind of an entertaining challenge. I eventually managed to go on short, single-track type hikes on the crutches, much to my partner’s distress and amusement. At one point I had to throw the crutches over a stable slide in the trail, crawl on my knees and hands, and pick up the trail on the other side (uh…but be careful…I would hate for your pause in unicycling to be longer than expected because of a extreme crutching incident).

So good luck! Hope that things go well, and that the pain stops so you can just chill. Take care.


Three words: Dem Errr All. No wait, it’s: Purr Koh Set. Ah, I can never remember…
Max, I hope you have a speedy recovery, but don’t push it. The rides will be there down the road. Sounds like you have some good gaming in front of you, but if you get sick of that and want to try some online cribbage, let me know.

Well, Im off pain killers minus tylenol… and the swelling’s gone about down, but it looks to be a long road ahead, with 16-18 weeks in some sort of cast/splint, and physical theropy to follow. Fun :slight_smile:

I crawl out from under my rock for a few days before going missing long-term and what do I find? Max has TOTALY ruined my NAUCC -how inconsiderate is that? 'Suppose I could bring some Pom-Poms with me… so it’s not a total loss…

This sucks, Max. Heal. See you soon.


Max, sorry to hear about your foot. I missed this thread the first time since I was in California for two weeks. I hope you’ll be riding as soon as you can.

I broke my hand mountain biking in Minneapolis a couple years ago. Broken bones suck, but I was only in a cast for 6 weeks and it healed perfectly.

I guess this makes you the official NAUCC cameraman. I bought a nice little Canon digi-camcorder. Can’t wait to get some action vid with it.

cheers… Mojoe


I have a strong background in chemistry. Those pain killers could be toxic to the environment. Save them until I get there so I can make sure that they are disposed of properly.

Make that foot whole again, dude.

So my foot is healing slowly, feeling better. Today I got a cast, and I got some pictures of my foot without a cast, and it’s awful. anyway, heres one:


On second thought, after seeing the photo, take the painkillers.

Yup, it’s been awhile. but here it is. the Video of a Pin getting pulled out. yup, down to two pieces of stainless steel. At least a month till I can put any pressure on it.

Max, you rule!! That was an awsome idea to bring the camera along and video it. Thanks for sharing. See ya next Saturday.


Almost forgot, picture of leg size differences from 3 weeks ago.

Uni Injury… plus leg size

Great looking foot Max. Thanks for sharing. I’ll show that pic to my daughters in the morning!!! LOL

I’ve been uni’ing for 32 years, started when I was 8 yrs old. My one unicycle injury happened back in 1976, when I was only 13 years old. I was lifting my uni out of the trunk of my parents '74 Chevy, when a severe knife stabbing pain shot into my lower back. I suffered with it for several day, then off and on to this very day.

Does that qualify as a uni injury? Anyway, I’m sure that lower back injury is one reason I am a Doctor of Chiropractic today.

Dealing with the loss of size of your injured leg. There is research showing that if you will continue to work out the non-injured extremity (your other leg), that you can reduce the amount of size loss and strength loss in the injured leg. I think they call this “Crossover Phenomenon”.

I pray you heal perfectly, but with enough scarring to impress the Grandkids many years from now! --chirokid–

Well it’s been 5 months, 2 surgery’s, and a heck of alot of sitting down. Im finally able to start walking agian. The riding is going to depend on how the walking goes, but it’ll get there. Now to rebuild all that muscle that’s tiny and gone.

It’s good to hear you’re up and about, Max. I was looking at the pics of you guys riding in the snow and thinking… Man. He can’t ride… he’s in a wheelchair. Good luck on the rehab.