Foot injury and various other things

So, today durring our by-weekly Muni ride I broke part of my foot. yup, it sucks, and it will be mid july to mid august before it’s better. I was riding along a skinny rocky decent and my pedal cought something and I went over a (aporrox) 7 foot “cliff” and landed with both feet at the same time. I think I’m pretty lucky that I was wearing active ankles, that’s not what broke. It’s a bone that connects to toes, it’s basically in the middle of the arch of my foot. So this is where having a wheel chair as a computer chain helps…

Because of this, i’m Not going to the vancouver island Muni weekend… and will probably not compete at Naucc, however I’ll still try and organize some thing (namely the trials course). It also means that I cant work for a while.

Anyway, this is my second bone to be broken, my first was in the middle of my forearm. this is the first one however that is unicycle related, and I was wondering who has broken what, and doing what?

P.S: No, we did not get any video footage.
Well, HORRAY for long computer games, such as medieval total war that I just got, that’ll take me quite awhile.

Ouch! That’s unfortunate timing to put yourself out of action for NAUCC. With luck it will be good to go in mid July rather than mid August.

Is there still going to be muni rides during NAUCC?


I hope your foot heals very quickly.

If you get tired of computer games, I can recommend a good movie. It features Quidditch. . . . . You’ll love it. Trust me.

Take it easy.


why yes, there will be. Roger magnusen (gotta learn to spell that right, damn) will probably take over for leading most group rides, and Gus I’m sure will help. Maybe various other people, but they are the main ones. I too hope it heals as quick as possible. At the least I’ll be around for the convention, whether or not Ill be riding much is different.


I will miss kicking your rear end all up and down the Minnesota MUni trails. Bad timing. Best wishes for a quick heel heal. Stay young…you heal more quickly like that.

Re: Foot injury and various other things

Aw damn that sucks. Heal quick, wish you could come to VIMW and compete at


Re: Foot injury and various other things

Hey, our MUni weekend is August 22-24… you could probably still make it, no?


It’s not that I couldnt make it, it’s that I wouldnt want to risk reinjury.

Re: Foot injury and various other things

i too have a wheelchair at my computer, i hope that dosent mean i’m going to break something too…

hope your foot grows back.

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Be glad it is a broken bone and not a torn ligament. Bones heal nicely and are as strong as normal once healed. Ligaments have a tendancy to reinjure and take longer to heal :frowning:

Three months after my ankle injury I am still having problems (although I am riding again :slight_smile: The physio says my swelling should subside after about a year.

Actually, now it appears after a visit to a more qualified doctor that I probably broke 3-5 bones across the arch AND tore a ligament that runs the width of my foot. and not it has a Massive splint on it, and it may require surgery.


Arggggg. That’s just crummy. Sorry to hear it’s worse than they thought.

I still hope you’ll heal quickly. I’ll be looking forward to watching you hop around on various rocks and things again by the end of the summer, okay?

Keep us posted.


I fractured my wrist in two places earlier this year while riding (and wrecking on) a steep downhill. I didn’t ride for 2 months. Now I’m better. The wrist is 90% pain free now. I think I have residual ligament/soft tissue damage yet to heal.

Now I wear wrist-guards.


The California MUni Weekend will be October 17-19. That gives you a little more time, if you’re interested. If you can’t ride, maybe you’ll be able to do more on the convention organizing end. Trials course? :slight_smile:

I haven’t broken any bones yet (knock wood), though I am currently getting over a super-nasty case of poison oak. Note to riders: Try to never fall on the stuff and scrape your elbow in the process! Some of us are more sensitive than others. Unfortunately I’m more. Two shots, and in the process of downing 40 antibiotic capsules…

Max, did you land on a rock or something, to hurt the middle of your foot? Or was it just a real hard landing?

Heal fast, but don’t rush it.

Yep, I was already thinking about that perticular set of rides. Yes, Im working on getting trials course obsticales, currently I have unlimited pallets, about ten spools, and a 7 foot long 15 inch diameter of PVC. more coming.

I landed on slightly slanted down to my left, flat soft grass. the shoes I was wearing are kinda stiff, and that might have had an effect of damage.

btw greg, I was also looking forward to your kicking of my rear around the local trails.

heal well
it’s good to hear of someone concerned about reinjury and taking care to avoid that
enjoy the puter in the meantime

nothing but scratches and scars. maybe a hurt pride, but that always grows right back. :slight_smile:

unicycling calendar: unicycling since march. i plan to be injured as soon as i get better. hope you find something entertaining… well, since you can’t unicycle i’m sure dave could use some company .

News update, surgery will most likely be on friday morning, be there at about 6:00 am. Two bones broken in the arch and one in the ankle. until then it’s going to be sitting on my rear for awhile.

oh man,you have to go under the knife…!

they aint cuttin on my knee thats for sure,i guess i sould start looking at canes to walk with.

Sorry to hear it Max, that’s terrible news. On the plus side, you’ll have plenty of time (after a few weeks of healing maybe) to work on your hand wheel walking, hand gliding, and one-foot still stands…seriously.

Best of luck in your operation and recovery,