Following the Advice- Thanks guys

I recently started a thread, and the people on the thread gave me so advice on reaching my static record again. After reading the thread, I followed their advice and accomplished my record. Actually, I beat my record by a cm. Seen here is the video I made that shows my record.

I noticed on the ones with all the mini hops inbetween, I didn’t get close, so I’m going to dedicate tommorow to practicing less hops

:slight_smile: could you tell me the name of the other thread of give me a link please:)

:slight_smile: good jumping by the way:)

The most times I’ve attempted a difficult section at once was 12 :roll_eyes:

KH has said some of his favorite lines are ones that take him months to get.


Wow. You are really improving fast. Nice sidehops, very clean. And I can see the tuck. Now just think after a bit more practice, and a prehop, you will jump like, another 10cm. Good job!


Thanks Isaac