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Ha ha! We (CPUniCycles, Team # 13392) are slowly gaining places on the worldwide roster of teams. We are in 1500th place and we have sent in 86 work units. (2 of which were sent in by me today. I’m so proud.)


If you do not know what Folding @ Home is, in short it is a program that you load onto your computer (not unlike other programs) which uses “spare” CPU cycles that you are not using. It will not cut into resources that are being used by other programs. What this does is work units that help figure out how proteins and stuff work, so we can help cure many fatal diseases like cancer.

To find out more, please go to:
Folding @ Home site

Thank you everyone who is alredy involved and people that join! Remember… team 13392… CPUniCycles…

I just downloaded and installed. I’m not sure exactly what it is, mainly because I’m too tired to read anything. But it sounds pretty cool.


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I’m folding as fast as I can!

In fact, my machine was overheating and I had to install more fans (and blow the dust out of the CPU fan and heatsink – that was the main problem).

I estimate that I will have my first Work Unit finished in 13 hours (from the time of this post). That’s about 11:30 AM EST (GMT-5) on Monday. I’ve been folding (on and off) since late Wednesday night. But I had to throttle back the CPU utilization until I fixed the overheating problem. Now that I’m not kicking off the thermal alarm, I can run at full speed.

I should be listed on the team stats page soon…

uni57 (Dave) at 81% complete

I have downloaded the program and have begun to fold.



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> Ha ha! We (CPUniCycles, Team # 13392) are slowly gaining places on the
> worldwide roster of teams. We are in 1500th place and we have sent in
> 86 work units. (2 of which were sent in by me today. I’m so proud.)

My P4-2533 is now working for CPUniCycles…

  • Henrik

    Unicyclist from Norway

Thank you all for your support! Remember to change the team number in Configure. To get to Configure, just right-click on the Folding @ Home icon when it is in the lower-right corner of your screen. (I forget what that section is called.) And then click on Configure. The first screen that comes up will allow you to easily change your team number. If you don’t put a number it’ll not count to anything but the anonymous team.

Thank you again!

And remember, “If you can’t be an athlete, the least you can be is an athletic supporter.” -the wise Red Green

Oh, BTW I’m done 23 out of 200 frames of my new work unit. Started this new one on Sunday. Just before church, too. David (my bro who introduced me to Folding) was in a frenzy to send it in.

hi, i’ve been lurking here for about 3 months. i don’t yet have a unicycle, but i’ve been reading here enough to talk about mine as if i did. folding for cpunicycles now.

Anybody know why I have as many work units done as the Himsworths do yet my score is so much lower?
There are several other apparent descrepencies like this. What’s the deal?

I’m at 52% of my second work unit. It’s a little baby work unit, only worth 10.4 points. My first one took days – it was worth 55.5 points.

I am BURNINATING this work unit!

Come on people, donate those unused cycles (CPU cycles).

Nick – some take longer to process than others. My first one took 24 minutes per frame (go to Configure, then view the log file). My current work unit takes six minutes per frame. They both have 200 frames. Take a look at the credit column on the Currently Running Projects page.

uni57 (Dave)

And some units have more frames than others. My current unit has 400. Previous ones have only been 200.


Dagg-Nabbit! Once again I find myself with an obsolete computer.

I’m working on project 620, worth only 10.40 points. One with smaller prize money, but my CPU is taking 45-60 minutes a frame. I’m 33/200 now. I should still get it in before the 11 day deadline.

but hold on a minute…

I don’t get the grading scale: project 620 is 471 atoms with 200 frames and only worth 10.40 points. Down the list I see that project 627 is 479, only a few more, 200 frames but worth 73.00 points? Someone is bribing the judges I tell ya, or maybe using big tobacco’s lobbyists.

I think I read somewhere that if you stop the Folding@Home software, when you start it up again, it resumes at the beginning of the current frame. So if you got 45 minutes into a 60 minute frame and then you shut your machine off, you will lose that 45 minutes of work. Because it will resume processing at the beginning of that frame.

So it’s best to run 24 hours a day, or to wait until you finish a frame before shutting the machine off.

(I can’t remember where I read about that – so I could have imagined the whole thing).

Also, regarding points, take a look at How do you decide how much credit a work unit is worth? from their FAQ. (still a mystery, because they don’t say what the multiplier is – can we assume it’s a constant?)

uni57 (Dave)


Don’t worry about someone bribing the judges, I started yesterday and I have project 627. Also note the deadline for the project, 627 has a deadline of 50 days. I have currently done 1/200 (0.5%) of this project.

James (jimmy)

I don’ty get into details. I just let it work.

MY comp is pretty obsolete too, so you aren’t alone. It is only a “slightly inadequate for multi-tasking and needs a better monitor because this one only goes up to 640x480” type of deal. I can’t spend money on a better comp a) because i don’t have money :smiley: and b) I’m saving for a trials uni.

I’m at 49/200! Oh yes.

I downloaded the program and have begun folding. It was a tough decision to let it share space with Seti@home (I’m at almost 1000 WU with them), but the CPUniCycles team name convinced me. I’m at 54 of 400. This seems to be going very slowly.


Folding@Home does seem slow compared to Seti. I was used to ploughing through about 3 units a day, taking a fairly consistent time for each unit… now though each unit takes a completely different length of time. I presume the units are bigger to get round the problem Seti had every now and again when the speed of people’s computers meant that they were doing too many units, and swamping their servers…


She canna’ fold any faster, cap’n!

Cor! On the 10th of February, when this thread started, we were in 1,500th place with 86 units. Now, on the 24th, we’ve rushed up to 678th place with 195 units! Unisteve, you’ve done a great job of recruiting for the cause!

Now I must stop typing this; Mozilla is taking valuable processing power away from Folding@Home, which needs all the cycles it can get to stop that pesky mgrant sneaking up with his 7 computers… :wink:


Re: She canna’ fold any faster, cap’n!

Here, here! What Phil said! Bravo Steve!

I think we have a chance at REALLY moving up in the ranks.

uni57 (Dave)

Re: She canna’ fold any faster, cap’n!

Phil, you are so quoteworthy I had to make two separate posts…

I’ve given up competing with the big boys. You know who you are. After I made that butt-kicking remark to mgrant, he started folding on three more computers! I can’t keep up! I GIVE UP! :slight_smile:

It was fun trying to move up in the ranks (within our team), but now I’m just going to be happy contributing whatever I can to the TEAM. I can’t compete with Phil’s supercomputer (or did he just have a head-start?) or mgrant’s folding farm. :slight_smile:

Phil, prepare to relinquish your #1 position. We are no match for mgrant’s seven OR Steve Howard’s four processors. Come on, everybody! Join the folding fun!

uni57 (Dave)