foam saddle foam

I want to build a new saddle for my coker and I need some foam. What type of foam should I look for? Any hints on where to buy?

I’m looking for some foam too, but I want some foam that I can mold. Like something that starts out as 2 liquids that you mix. I took apart my KH gel seat to see what the foam/gel looked like and it has a patch of black foam in the front, which is the “gel”, whatever that means. Anyone know what kind of foam/gel is used in this seat?

Used foam from an old madrass, cut it way to high and a little bit to wide, and it made a snug fit under the one peice vinyl cover on my stock saddle for my old trainer…

Not the best but it worked! :wink:

this is popping up just at the time when i SHOULD be recieving some sample Tempur Pedic foam. I was gonna try it out… but it hasn’t arrived yet… its been like 3 months… when it does come i’ll let you know how the saddle turns out.

yea its not big enogh for the saddle and they send like 800 pamphlets for the bed and it takes about a month and a half