Fo' sale: Unicycle stand.

standard black unicycle stand for your baby.

make an offer. I’ll be at CMW so if someone wants to buy it there i’ll bring it.

No one wants this?

Make me an offer. Seriously. I just want this thing gone.


3 cents and a charms blow pop. I ended up leaving the stand that came with my LX at my work and its been in the exact same spot for almost 2 years…no one wants that thing :stuck_out_tongue:

i suppose i can use it for scrap…

whatever. theres gotta be someone who wants one.

They are really crappy stands…i have one for my uni and i just use a pallet againt the wall and hang my uni by the pedal on it…those stands scratch up the frame and then the uni willl get stuck on it.

No seriously. Thanks for raping my thread to death with useless information.

I really just hate it when people come in and say "oooh that sucks blah blah blah I wouldn’t buy it blah blah blah. " Sorry to rant but if you don’t want it don’t fuck up my chances of selling it by saying how shitty whatever i’m trying to sell is.

You don’t have to buy it. So don’t buy it.

For anyone who WANTS to conduct a civil transaction, please, continue.

is it a leaning stand (torker CX/LX) or a free standing (torker DX) style?


ah, i thought you meant the lean type “coat hanger” strong one. The freestanding ones are pretty good for 20" trials cycles. There’s one holding my future 20" at the bike shop and its pretty nice. Yes, it’ll scratch if you put it on completely wrong…but no more than the crank grab gone wrong scratched up a unicycle. You might want to see if someone locally wants it though. Not sure if it would be worth it to ship or not.