FNG Intro

Hi All,

Like many of the forums I am on I guess I should introduce myself. I am Jake, been lurking here for a few months and finally got around to this.

I live in Conifer, CO. About 45 minutes from downtown Denver. I have a bunch of single track around my house and I have been loving the single wheel. I have raced downhill and road off and on for the better part of my life. The Uni makes trails more interesting and exciting.

I got a Torker 20" from a client about 6 months ago in a trade for some work (I am a photographer) and kept messing around with it. Then last month I had to buy a 24" DX for MUNI. There is a small group (about 6 or so) that ride up in the hlls above Denver that i go out with.

This morning I became a member of the Coker club. I got a big wheel off of Craigs List for $160.00. Tried it out this afternoon and I am hooked. Scary fast compared to the 24". UPD’s are way more exciting on the 36".

wow what a deal on that coker! im gonna check my craigslist and see if there are any cokers :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome. Wow you got an awesome deal on that Coker.