Flying Unicycle!

Turns out that the very unusual add-ons I got for my 36er, really live up to their name! :):p:D

I wouldn’t trust those elbow rests… :astonished:

I’ll just have to “wing” it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Exchanged the “flapping” pad aerobars for the profile “T2+”, which is a much better configuration for my 36er riding. Notice that with the T2, the bars are above the handlebar clamps,(which I prefer) and the Airstryke bars are below.

And with the T2, each bar and pad are independently adjustable, and the angle of the bars is much better imo. Went for a ride today it it was night & day. 100% better and very comfortable. Well, at least I got to make a fun little video with the other ones! :slight_smile:

Dispite the obvious title it made me LOL twice.

Do I see a parody of something like “UNIted Airlines” comming up?

I love the green fixed gear that I noticed!

Anyway, as soon as I see you talking to your watch, I will start to think your unicycle-kit may have turbo-boost.

Is this real?

Haha, there’s a “turbo” skit in an old video I made about a “uni-cop”, who busts me for riding too fast! He pulls up on a 16" uni, in his uni cop uniform and a flashing cherry on top of his helmet, lol. Don’t know where it is, but it’s somewhere.

Extra points if anyone can GUESS how I did it. :smiley:

There´s no trick… it´s only magic, XD

Awesome video Terry! I don’t know how you did it, but the effect worked great.

Yeah, I took lessons from Chris Angel, haha! :wink:

Thanks Ken. I’m surprised no one has figured it out yet! You have to look close to spot it. :smiley:

Terry, I’d love to see video of you riding while using those. Does it throw your COG off a bit?

Nice one Terry… did you use a small motor with gears on each to keep them flapping… or nylon???

No, but I think you just adjust your CG naturally as you ride.

haha, you actually close on one of those! :smiley:

That was fantastic. :smiley:

I shot a video today riding with the new T2 aero bars. should post it a bit later today…stay tuned! :smiley:

Thanks Dr D! :slight_smile:

I saw some fishing line or thread hanging from the flaps when you wheeled it into the shop…

Did you have somebody out of the shot lifting it up? (The other twin?) :smiley:

Ta-daaaahh! You got it! Yes, I used fishing line attached to each pad, then tied together at the bottom, and operated below camera level by the one of the owner’s sons. The other son lifted the uni off the ground to simulate flying.

The hardest part was finding just the right camera position so the line wouldn’t be seen or reflect light. The other hard part was riding by at the end, while operating the line with my left hand. Took several tries to get it. But from almost the minute I got those “airstryke” aerobars, with the flip-up pads, they just looked like little wings flapping, lol! :o

Bad news is, I had to return them since the configuration and extreme upward bar angle wasn’t working for me. Good news is, they let me exchange them for a different model, the profile “T2” aerobars, which I found to be perfect! I’m uploading a video now that shows me riding with them, and I’ll post it here in just a while. :slight_smile:

Here’s a new video of me riding my kh 36er with the new profile “T2” Aerobars I posted pics of above. Can you guess what the opening will reference? Includes footage taken with my UCC so you can get a continuous look at the aerobars in motion!

Hope you enjoy! :smiley:

T2: Ah, a unicycle video with good music.

Those bars look nice. I still really dislike the design of the Kh handle. With bar set ups getting longer that critical weld is going to be cracking all over the place. I much prefer set ups that have the handle going all the way back to the seat post. I put a lot of upward force on my handle when climbing- i would not feel confident with the handle, or the transfer of forces though my saddle (even though its CF) with the KH.

Nice one terry.