Flying to New Zealand (Unicon 15)

I’n considering to attend Unicon 15 in Wellington, New Zealand (Dec 2009 - Jan 2010). From the Netherlands I could only find a triple-legged flight: Amsterdam - London - Sydney - Wellington. Does anyone know of a departure airport close to the Netherlands where I could skip one transfer?

you can fly from London to Sydney??
that is insane

I used to live in Switzerland and people used to fly from London to Singapore and then Singapore to Sidney.
But ya…thats a long way to fly
i dont think there is a faster way


I found this page, but it is in german. But I think for Klaas it is ok.

There you can read that London is the only airport in europe with a direct flight to Auckland. The plane stops in Los Angeles, but you don’t have to change the plane if I undersand it right.
But I think it is not funny to sit 22h in your seat.
So we will look for a 1 or 2 stop flight from Düsseldorf or Frankfurt.
They stops normaly in Dubai, Sinagpoure or somewhere in china.
So you can run around in the airport after 6-10 hours flight.

Thanks Jan. Indeed ohne Umsteigen in Los Angeles. I also note they go the longer direction around the world, although it’s not very much of a difference. However, from Auckland to Wellington is another 500 km or so. In effect still a three-legged flight for me (A - L - A - W). But the distance is so large that I probably have to live with that.

I don’t know in there, but most planes here stops in London, them Sidney, and finally New Zeland. There are some that goes trough the pacific (Cheaper for me I think!)

The thing is Wellington is the more minor city to fly into in New Zealand so you have to fly through Sydney or Auckland. I can’t even find a direct flight from Los Angeles to Wellington, so there is little option to cut a leg off the journey at that end. The only options I can find from Europe to Sydney or Auckland are via London or Frankfurt. Although it seems the flights to Auckland actually stop over in Los Angeles or San Francisco, making it really a 4 leg flight.

It seems one other option you have is to fly through San Francisco or Los Angeles, but that’s still a 3 leg flight.

Pre-Unicon XV Los Angeles Stop over gathering?

From Klaas Bil’s thread about flights from Amsterdam to Wellington. I was doing some research on flights from Europe and it seems many European unicyclists might have stop overs in Los Angeles.

Might there be interest in arranging some sort of a Los Angeles Unicycle Stop over for Unicon Bound travelers.

If enough people were interested in making a day or 2 stop over maybe we could arrange something.

It might be possible to arrange home stays, rides, and sightseeing with local Southern California riders.

Maybe the costs of extending a lay over would be too high to make it worthwhile. I don’t know.

Is there any interest in this from the local Southern California riders and any unicyclists that might be travelling through Los Angeles for Unicon?

there used to be direct flights from Sydney to Wellington, but you’d probably have to book that seperately…

The itinerary I mentioned in my initial post (Amsterdam-London-Sydney-Wellington) includes the direct flight you mention, and I can book it as one ticket (albeit not more than one year ahead).

I’ve added a bit more info on the Unicon XV website:

We’ve got a Unicon XV forum up also which might be a good place to keep discussions in one place (although I know RSU has way more traffic). There will be more NZ riders that frequent those forums if you need a hand with accomodation/planning your holiday.

As for flying into Wellington…it is an international airport, but has a very short runway, so only takes international flights from Australia. For bigger planes, you have to fly via Auckland or Christchurch.

There are quite a few connections from Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong and around SE Asia. For travel from Europe, main flights seem to travel via London-Hong Kong-Auckland. Obviously depends on your airline though.

For the US, there are direct flights from LA-Auckland with Air NZ.

Hope that helps.

I commute between Sydney-Wellington every few weeks. There’s usually a few flights a day with Air NZ and probably with Qantas also.

The Air NZ via LA is okay. If you can stick a day stopover in LA into it, that is nice too, L.A. is a nice place to stopover, there is some nice coker riding right near the airport (like a mile away from it), and a load of nice unicyclists handy to ride with (obviously make sure you stopover on a weekend). In LA, the airplane refuels, you have to have your fingerprint taken and then wait in a soulless transit lounge with no way to buy food, a few pretty gross pieces of fruit and boring biscuits and nowt else. But it is quicker than a stopover.

If you go east, with a stop in Asia, it is slightly shorter, and if you change in Hong Kong etc. you get to wander around the airports and eat exciting Asian food, which is nice, but you can take way less luggage, which can make a difference if you’re taking more than one uni, or lots of other stuff. I went to Sydney this way recently, and it was okay.

As for who to go with, Air New Zealand are the best airline I’ve taken unicycles on, and very well set up for long journeys. They don’t charge for bikes, so no need to hide the unicycle / pay extra. Virgin are nice too, BA and Quantas are okay. I’d recommend not taking Continental for any legs of your flight if you can avoid it, they are really the worst I’ve ever been on, terrible food, terrible grumpy flight attendants, either terrible or no seat back films, and a bad reputation for losing luggage.

Assuming you’re not super rich and are going normal class, if you can’t sleep on planes, take sleeping pills, otherwise these are the most soul destroying flights you can possibly take - you’re on planes for more than a day, getting a good sleep on them makes a big difference.


I actually started a thread here to possibly try to arrange something for unicyclists stopping over in L.A. at this point I’m just trying to see if there would be any interest.

If you guys are dropping by Singapore I’m sure we can arrange a cross-island ride at the very least :slight_smile:

Well actually, i think you can now fly directly from London to Sydney without stopping. Thanks to the new Airbus A380.

Just like my mates who went from here, straight to Dubai without ever stopping.

So i’m sure you could go directly from Netherlands to New Zealand sometime soon. :smiley:

When I flew to UNICON 13 I went Auckland, Bangkok, Zurich and returned the same way. I had a killer 12 hour stopover in Bangkok on the way back which made the whole journey a lot longer - like 36+ hours! I’d not recommend this. The stopover wasn’t in my original itinery; it came about because I changed my flights later and couldn’t avoid it.

To UNICON 14 the route was Auckland, Hong Kong, London, Copenhagen and return.

Which ever way you go, its a darn long way!

Oahu is a good lay-over place. :sunglasses:

I give a crash coarse of my favorite trails. auryht! (all right!)

singapore! Singapore!