Flying Chicken Restaurant

A few years ago I posted with the details of a restaurant in Bangkok that serves BBQ chickens by setting them on fire and catapaulting them through the air before they are caught by a waither riding on a unicycle.

Sadly the first two times I went to Thailand I did not make it to the restaurant. I am very happy to say that on my most recent trip I not only visited the flying chicken restaurant but also got to catch my own dinner.

Have a look at and it should bring you to a photo album that contains pics from the Flying Chicken Restaurant.

Wayne van Wijk

Cool photos! Do my eyes deceive me or is that helmet designed for catching chickens on your forehead!

This could be a popular joint next year with the 20 or so unicyclists on LUT going through Bangkok. I can just imagine the chaos when all of them want to have a go at once :slight_smile:

Yeah, what was the address again? Some of us are staying on in Bangkok after the ride, and there’s also a morning ride planned for those in Bangkok before flying out to Chiang Rai

sweet!! thats awsome, i saw that restaurant on tv before!


The address is here.

Nice shots Wayne. Someday I will get there.

I’ve seen that on the TV show Maximum Exposure.

Oh man us LUT riders have just got to eat at that restaurant! I’m sooo keen! Either before or after the tour (or maybe both!)

Maybe they can fling a flaming tofurkey for us vegetarians on the tour.

<um…or not>

tofurky? thats discusting!

Have you actually tried Tofurkey? We’re considering it this year, but have heard mixed reviews. Is it any good?

I’ve been considering sending them this for a tagline: Tofurkey, the Delicious Faux Turkey. But I don’t think they’d go for it. :slight_smile:


I’m not a huge fan of faux meats, but if I remember correctly, it was pretty good. …but I might be confusing it with the Unturkey …one of them had a fake “skin” which I thought was a little unnecessary. While I like “meaty” foods (seitan, baked tofu, tempeh…etc) I don’t really want them to have the texture of animal meat.

Nice…maybe you have a future in selling Mocholate with Monica.

Or better yet, how about you and I just get a bottle of Wild Turkey, then start matching shot for shot. After each one, we need to say “the quirky tofurkey makes a perky faux turkey”.

Which turkey do think will end up the winner?

I have done a lot of faux marketing in my days. Your tongue twister is a sure sign of your brilliance, Tom. I see this scenario as a scene in an unfathomable - and possibly pointless - indie film.

The “crispy soy skin” of the Unturkey did not appeal to my wife and child. It’ll probably be the Tofurkey.

Wrong contest…I meant between you, me, and the Wild. :slight_smile: