FLYBAR......what do yall think.........

Check this out!

I saw this thing in Discover magazine. I emailed the manufacturer yesterday to ask about shipping one to Iraq. They were happy to hear from me and are sending TWO Flybars, hats and T-shirts to me for FREE!!!

Now, how to integrate the flybar into a uni workout?

These guys are great!

Here is their webpage -

I saw the Flybar demo clip a few months ago and thought about buying one until I saw the price. That’s awesome that they would send you two of them plus promotional apparel for free!

Pogo stick trials and street. :slight_smile:

There have been some previous threads here about the Flybar. I don’t know if anyone has actually gotten one though.

i really really want one.
really really badly.
those things have no wheels, which makes them not as cool as a unicycle, but the height is so cool. It’s almost as cool.

how much were they?

That is the coolest pogo stick I have ever seen. are they sending you one of each?

haha sponsered pogo sticker, wont be long i bet ten years ago people never would have guessed there would be sponsered unicyclists. pretty soon we’ll start seeing proffesionaly made pogo stick dvds.
i got to get me one of those:p

ahaha thats great,
and i thought wen i ride my uni i got stares, ridin a pogo stick, u would get ppl laughing at u and all types of weared comments!!
i would get one regardless tho, but the uni still triumphs ova it.

and plus they wouldnt be much fun as transport ahaha :thinking:

especially since i often transport 1-3 liters of root beer home quite often…

Have to try one

I sold a few QU AX V800s and the guys who bought them went wild jumping all over the place. They then discovered the Flybar on the net and want them. Somehow we will get a few of them to Australia whether it will be from a wholesaler or retailer, we don’t know yet.

I personnaly don’t know if I would be game to jump off buildings like some of the vids show, but I would still love to have one.

If you check their website with links to retailers. Most of the Flybar 1200 (up to 250 lbs) are $299. They have a Flybvar 800 for lighter/smaller people, not sure how much it is.

They are sending me two 1200s. I guess so I don’t look goofy by myself. No biggie, do all the time on my Unis.

I will post my experience with them once they get here.

One of the guys here has one and he sometimes brings it to Muni rides so we can play around before/after the ride. They’re pretty fun, but heavy and a bit scary when you really get going. Cool as they are, unicycles are cooler, by far!


send me one !!! haha

i think they would make a good Kangaroo crutch.

I tried to jump down a stair with a pogo stick, the stair was only 3 steps or so, it hurt.

If you can jump as high as the guy in the pic, Im sure you can try to do a 720 unispin on it.

i live in melbourne australia, i would love to purchase one of those nifty little pogo sticks ahaha :p, inform me on when u get them and how plzzz :smiley:

im going to get one

Where did you find the email address? What did you say?


I remember seeing this posted here before. They look like a lot of fun, especially to tool around on on campus.

Is this you? or is it just coincidence that the guy who won is a uni rider.



If you’re going to do stairs on pogo sticks, just make sure you have the right technique (one handed). Here is how you go up: