Flybar + Over 40 Yr Old=ouch

hey anyone interested in a deal on a FLYBAR 1200? I think the over 40 thing may have caught up with me on this one! But I will say this thing rocks

what is that??? if it isnt a UNICYCLE or related i will we dissapointed in u…

dude, i will take it!!!

check your pms

how much?

i dont want it anymore, im saving for a psp, james can have it

I have very little money, so unless its pretty darn cheap, I prolly won’t be able to get it either…

how much money?

Uhhh what’s a flybar?


It’s a pogo stick on roids… they say you can jump 6 feet high with it.

Depending on how much you’re asking I’d be interested also.

hasn’t someone yet attached a trials frame & wheel to the bottom of it…

dude take that off a one foot drop and youll get rocketd up like three extra feet, it would be insane

Ill Take It How Much!

hmm, thats an interesting idea, one could make a giraffe trials unicycle that has a spring in the neck, so you could either pogo stick on it, or ride it.
that’d be sweet.

I got a few P.M.s about how much for the FLYBAR but give me a week for my foot to get better so I can try it one more time, then I will reply to the PMs