FLUX by Raphael Pöham

Thought I’d just share this since it hasn’t been posted yet. :slight_smile:

Sooooooooo sweet!

I don’t normally like street but this is exceptional!

Really great film work & riding skills. Loved the music.

I love the smooth moving camera work. And the coordination is beautifully done with different unicyclist entering and leaving the scene. That took some planning. This was directed not just filmed.

I think the frantic pedaling on 20" unicycles looks a bit silly, but that might just be me.


What’s really impressive is the long shots, like 2:50-3:11. Everything has to go just right or start all over.

Would the video have been better on 24" unis? :wink:

I wouldn’t call this street :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys for all the positive feedback! It’s not just important to Raphi but to all of us too! :slight_smile:

Love it!!! great rhythm!

I like it!! Adds a sense of comedy. Besides what’s not funny about a bunch of unicycles riding franticly through a town.

Quick question: I’m getting into DSLRs now and the cost is getting overwhelming, especially lenses. That lens used looks of decent quality… what is it?

Both Raphi and I have 550Ds but you can get good DSLR cameras with decent lenses without the overwhelming price. I don’t quite understand what you mean by “what is it”?

Great Video!..Kind of reminded me of a Heist Film or police chase with the editing and movement of riders. Another great Poham creation.

That is exactly what it’s like! I would never have thought of that.

Ah, I meant what lens did you use?

I see now, I’m not really sure of the names of the lens’s Raphi uses :thinking: you’ll have to ask him! Sorry about that!

This is amazing combo of skills, filming and music! Very dinamic and inspiring video! Thank you very much guys!

IMHO this is more ‘street’ than most street videos. A lot of the street videos you see today are just a string of big tricks rather than a stylish exploration of the urban enviroment.

I guess you right just some of the clips I was in weren’t exactly street I think that’s why I said it, but yeah you’ve got a good point! :slight_smile:

It may be a good point but looking back at it now I do sound like a pretentious b*****d.

I have a feeling that this video tastes like sweet revenge on many on this forum for Jeremy R.

Awesome video. Props to Raphael.

Awesome video with well chosen music to complement (may have to listen to more of that).

Well directed and obviously lots of planning involved.

It’s the kind if video, in ny opinion, that could introduce non-riders to the sport.

Well done to everyone that was involved in the creation, very well executed.