Fluro Green Drilled Trials Rims

Does anyone know where i can find a 19 inch 36 hole drilled trials rim? ive been looking around and i can only find 32 hole.


in green?
if you just want drilled
onza i think has one

Just take your wheel apart, get your rim powder coated, then rebuild it with the new rim colour and new spokes.

I guess this is a silly question, but how long does it take (with the help of a bike mechanic…cousin) to put a uni back together after taking apart the rim and frame (powdercoating of both rim and frame)?



An hour or two?

putting the frame back on a wheel takes 5 minutes if you are really slow
rebuilding awheel takes a couple of hours
with someone good you could do it all in probably 5 hours.

Thanks for the replies.

I got one from renegade i think its like 70$ for the rim. i think i want to sell this unicycle because i want a kh

Major Detail

Hey…you can’t relace a wheel with already used spokes. so if you are planning on taking apart the wheel itself, you need a brand new set of spokes to lace in there. the old ones will already be stretched out, and spoke stretch is part of how a wheel achieves it’s strength.

Umm…you can totally use used spokes to rebuild a wheel, but sure, it won’t be as strong.

Took apart my DX wheelset, and re-laced it with the old spokes. I havent had to touch the thing in months now, and took it off everything I normally do, so im pretty sure the strength from before and after are the same.

would you sell me the rim?

and why not?
if you use used spokes they won’t bend or stretch nearly as much and will stay tight, new nipples is probably a good idea though.