FLUCK takes a KH frame.

Just browsing through the 2007 FLUCK pictures, and found one where the frame is held behind the guys back, and the post looks way off, go to the next picture and yep, the frame has snapped in two.

Just thought youd guys would like to know about this, and I couldn’t find the other thread discussing broken KH frames. =p

That’s the old black one, isn’t it? I saw that one. Apparently, the guy who did it breaks everything. Don’t remember who it was, though.

According to my brother, the guy was hopping on the wheel and then dropping down 5 pallets (landing on the wheel), landing with the unicycle like \ that, he probably did it a few times before so not that odd that it snapped.

I think with the gallary over load is becoming more frequient, probs best just to post the original photo

oh, i remember that, i spoke to him when he walked past me with a snapped kh frame. he jumped on the wheel yes.
it was a blue frame

This is the same pic, just thought I would post it on here to make it easyer for everyone seeing as the gallery seems to be running slow.

broken kh.JPG

Oooh, I didn’t see that one! That’s mean!

I did see the black KH frame with one leg broken off the top. This one looks worse, though!

I wonder if he’ll get a replacement for it.

If he jumped down like Dustin said, I dont think he will get a replacement. That would be the same if you run over your uni by car and ask for replacement.

That was a Koxx blue berry frame :sunglasses: the good news is no Qu-ax unicycles broke during the convention hahaha, sorry, couldn’t resist :roll_eyes:

I saw it when it happened. He was doing a hop on wheel drop, and he was putting a lot of pressure against the wheel while pulling on the frame…

It popped right off when he landed, and he sat down hard with the uni in his lap. The expression on his face was hillarous.

Right on!

Yeahh! I was the one who took that picture and put in on the gallery. I was sure it will give people a lot to talk about…… :sunglasses:

The rest of the pictures are here.



it seems like the wheel would be bent.
my 2007 torker frame definitely stood up to more pressure than he possibly could have put on it doing a drop like that.
i munched it while doing a big gap, full speed, landed with one foot behind the seat, one foot on the frame, still going full speed, i was just about horizontal, somehow fell right there, uni went skidding/bouncing/flipping about 20 feet.

on second thought, i still like my kH better, it is like 10 lbs lighter than my DX frame.

FLUCK Unicycles.

Just out of curiosity I walked around FLUCK doing a tally of Unicycles. this is what I found:

A little over 50% of the Unis were KH.
Almost 40% of the Unis were K1.
The rest were Qu Ax and other brands.

The way I tallied is that I walked around for 15 minutes tallying up every uni that I saw. My results seem pretty close to the KH K1 Shameless post on this site.


That sucks, but it’s really pretty trivial to fix. I’ve repaired two broken KH frames. The first one was like that, and it was just sandblast or power sand the paint off, weld, and file smooth. The second one was done entirely with a file. It can take as little as 60-90 minutes from getting the frame in the shop.