FLUCK results? trials, speedtrials, street, muni, freestyle, etc..

hi all,

just wondering what’s happened over at fluck, who’s come where and what in whatever competition.

I only know that Fabian Mark jumped like over 110cm in the high jump,and Fredrik.J won the junior high jump whit like 105cm.

I will post all the results on http://www.fluck.dk/php after i got some sleep.

The muni race was cancelled, very dissapointing. Ryan Atkins was first in trials, Tom Pec was second and Joe Hodges third. Fabian Mark won highjump and I can’t remember the rest haha, sorry… I forgot the name of the hungarian guy who won street… Kristian something I think, not sure…


Kristian Kovac I think.


I bet you saw that coming.

Panzervagn indeed!

Great to meet you Felix… Currently sat in the hostel n Copenhagen nnursing a bit of a hangover after partying heartily in Christiania last night.

Ivan the little stud muffin ended up leavng the party and walking back to the hostel with a Finnish girl on each arm.

Hahahaha, that’s a cool way to end the party :wink:
It was cool to meet Ivan, Felix, Mike, Amanda and all the other guys and girls that I knew on the forum.
Also seing Shaun J (wich I thank for the cool t-shirt :wink: ) and Ryan Atkins was cool.

And what’s Panzervagn???

Peter M

Videos from Fluck and the Video Competition will be on www.unicycle.tv soon. But check out the precut from the street competition finals is online :slight_smile:

The first FLUCK pics, taking by Réne from the Netherlands:http://rvs.hopto.org:18080/download/

Peter M

We expect a full debriefing in MR shortly.

i agree 100% wiht you there Sean

I’ll tell you all about it next time I see you.

And me, I met you too!

Unless there was another Peter running around pretending to be you…

And did I meet Fexnix? I’m confused…

Yeah, I met you to my friend :slight_smile:
And we both met Fexnix to yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

Peter M

I don’t think we met properly Forest. I might have said hi to you but we didn’t really speak for a long time.

Unicycle.se has some pics from FLUCK. It’s mostly on Swedish guys but you might get a glimpse of yourself in the background or something.

I like this pic of me



Peter M