FLUCK party video

hope you enjoy

unicycle tv


awesome! too bad i wasn’t there… :frowning: :frowning:

haha, cool dancing!:smiley:

wow, idk about the dancing…

That was fantastic.

Ahhh, hilarious!

FLUCK was so good, so glad I went. Loved Shauns dancing, brilliant.


Haha awesome.

That was great! Dancing was very nicely done too. It’s a shame I missed it.

Sweet vid!

That pile-on was a bit epic. I was right at the bottom of it.

Who’d have known that Shaun was such a babe magnet! You need to teach me some of your moves at UNICON man!!!


I have to start watching more Michael Jackson videos:D


Snackin’ with Shaun!

Rock on!
(I hope Joe B sees this!)

hahah,that was cute video!
I realy love the last song but it’s not Bob Marley that made it,the grupe is called Inner circle

It was fun for being a part of it.
That mountain of people in the beginning…

kinda weird kinda cool…:stuck_out_tongue:

Haha. Nice Dancing.