Fluck Info!!!

It looks like many have the idea that it is posible to show up for the fluck convention days before!!!

NO THAT IS NOT POSIBLE (unless you have an agreement with us)

We can´t offer any accommodation before or after the convention.

So if you are comming, it will be Tuesday 10th July.

we can go for a ride in copenhagen though, thats what I was thinking about,

Kristian, any advice on how to get there? e.g. Which airport to fly to and where to get to FLUCK from there?


The nearest airport is copenhagen, wich is about 100 km north of fluck.
You can go by train, but you have to change on the way to a local track.
I will put infomation about that on the homepage soon.

There is now an english version of how to get here on our homepage.
If you need more details pleace send a mail.
The registration will end May 15.

There will also be a coker ride one day during the convention.
Thomas will make a tour around the area (about 40 km)
So bring your coker, schlumpf or whatever big wheel you ride.

The registration for Fluck 2007 will close May 15.
So if you are thinking about going to Fluck, then sign up now.
After May 15 it is not posible to sign up.

The registration will close in 7 hours.
Hurry up!!!

hey, ive got a question,

will there be stands like koxx1 or udc where we can buy plastic pedals, and other things we want to, or need?

YES!!! But buy the plastic pedals before comming to Fluck. I don’t think they will have pedals for everybody.

I just mailed this to all partisipants, but i got some of the mails back.
So i hope that the ones who didn’t get the mail will read this.

Hej alle.
Ved ankomst til Fluck 2007 skal du/i have en kopi med af pas eller anden billed id.
Efter Fluck 2007 vil disse kopier blive destrueret.
Det er et krav fra brandvæsnet at vi ved hvem der er tilstede i klasselokalerne i tilfælde af brand.

Hi all.
At arrival at Fluck 2007 you need to bring a copy of your passport or some other picture id.
After Fluck 2007 the copies will be destroyed.
It’s a demand from the firedepartment that we know who is present in case of fire.

Hallo alle zusammen.
Bringt bitte zur Anmeldung bei der Fluck 2007 eine Kopie von eurem Reisepass/Personalausweis mit!
Nach der Fluck 2007 werden alle Kopien vernichtet.
Die Feuerwehr benötigt diese Angaben um im Falle eines Feuers zu wissen wer anwesend ist.

Bonjour á tous!
Il est necessaire d’apporter une copie de votre passeport ou d’autre cartes d’identités quand vous arrivez au fluck 2007.
Aprés fluck 2007, les copies seront naturellement detruiet.
Les copies sont necessaire pour que la service des pompiers savent qui sont present dans les salles de l’école.

Privet vsem
V pribitie v Fluck 2007, vam nado prinesti copiu svoevo passporta ili drugovo foto udosteverenie.
Posle Fluck 2007 copii budut unichtozheni.
Eta trebovanie ot pozharnix uslug shtobi mi znali kto nahoditsya vo sluchai pozhara