FLUCK da trials

As written in the street thread, trials are online now at utv.

To download the HQ wmv, just do a right mousklick here

finally something non-street from fluck:D

What a great trials coarse! The video a kinda huge/painful to download, but well done.
I’m constantly amazed how many good riders there are too.

Can’t wait to watch it, I hope I’m in it. :smiley:

It’s taking ages to download, isn’t it?

I’m at 63%. Really want to watch it.

Well… my download took 10 minutes

Nice movie Olarf :slight_smile:

nice work olaf! wuhooo that fall at the end was hardcore

Great video! And yes, that fall was really impressive. It’s good to see it at a close-up though. I was really scared in the gym when it happened(and so was everyone, I think). But then she walked out from that corridor and it was like, aaagggggh… Thank God.

That sure did look like fun.

Apparently I didn’t get all of it when I tried downloading it. It ended suddenly when Tompec was on the Vasipoulette tower.

I guess I just have to try again

What does Vasipoulette mean? I’ve heard the word somewhere but don’t know.

I don’t know what the word means, but it’s the name of a French unicycle team.

Im at 28 percent and its downloading at about 200 kbps

Took me 3 times to download it. The first time it got to 31% and said it finished. 2nd time it was good but then my internet shutdown ahaha. 3rd time it downloaded and I was able to watch all of it.

Looked like lots of fun. Was the course only used for the comp, or could people be out there riding on the stuff all day? I would love to ride that stuff for hours, probably even weeks or a month just to get most of the possibilities.

Jerrick, that course had enough lines to keep just about any rider busy for at least a year. And all we got was two hours on it. We weren’t aloud to ride on it before the competition, because that would count as practice and they took it down immediately after the competition to make space for the trials speed.

Almost two weeks have passed now and I still can’t get over how little I rode on that course. It was incredible. I just don’t get the approach. We could’ve had trials comp the first day and then rode on the course during the rest of the convention. Or we could have the trials speed at some other place and then we’d have an extra day on the course… Two hours only. Sigh.

There’s this bugger of a line that I came very close to landing a few times, but didn’t ride out of. I so want to do it, but it’s long gone. But that’s life, I suppose. Objects are effervescent, possessions are fleeting, things come and go, blah blah blah… I wanna do that line!!!

I think normaly you would have more time to ride the parcour. But because they start it one day later (rain). And on the day it was, it was also later because of the koxx stuff and the muni. Normaly you should have more time to practise afterwars.
I liked the parcour outside a lot more then the one inside so it was sad that I could ride it only two hours under lots of pressure (I hated it that you must do so many beginner lines instead of having fun on the realy hard ones if you want to score many points).

I’m downloading it now…47 mins left…

downloading this. i hope i havent seen it before…

as for download size, i like big sized videos, but atm my connection is 256kb/s… no so great for downloading this kind of video.