FLUCK 2007 Results

Here you find nearly all results from FLUCK 2007 as pdf documents. Street will coming soon.

video contest

OMG A 14 YR old jumped over 1m in the highjump!!!1

Fredrik got balls!
Btw Didn’t Márk Fábián jump higher?

not seeing your point…

yeah, but that guy won his division.

Yes, Fredrik won the Juniors Cup (U15) You can see his jump in the highjump video close to the end.
If you look all over you will find more great stuff did by the U15 riders.

yy i know,but i ment that Fábián jumped over 1,05 I think he’s last jump was like 110+

ya and I thought that fredrik jumped higher then what the pdf sais to…

Mark jump higher (1,10) but that was after the competition and so not official. He try to beat his own record which is 114,5 as I know.
Fredrik did 103 from my opinion and I will discuss that with Kristian. In the end it changes notthing at the results and both jump awesome high!

Now I got also the missed street results, you can find them here

Lucas Wintercrane decide to don’t start in the final run cause he started in the pre runs with an bad ankle and while his run he crashed it again (you can see it in the video).

Finally! I’ve been wating for those results!

You’re right, olaf. The highjump result-list is wrong.
I’m pretty sure my hop was 103,5 cm. 7 pallets with one plate on the top was 102 cm.
One plate was 1,5 cm, cause 7 pallets with 3 plates on the top makes 105.
When we first got to 105 cm (7 pallets and 3 plates), it was me, fabian and adrian left.
Noone made it. Then one of the 3 plates were removed, and me and fabian did it.
When we got to 105 cm again, for the second time, only fabian made it.

15th on a 180, yes!

-Shaun Johanneson

90 :wink:

(M) meters? what does 0,41 mean?

The video’s arnt links, where can we watch all the videos?

Surely you are just kidding right? You aren’t being serious.

Too bad the videos aren’t “clickable”.

You’ll find them here:

yea I was .41 is 16 inches

I change the video list to html so it is clickable now :smiley:
You will find it here