Flow Rider - Teaser [FLUX]

I heard of an exciting new prospect for the unicycling scene, ‘FLUX’ and was so amazed by the idea that i was compelled to start riding this NEW STYLE immediately. Here is the teaser vid of the new way…
Be prepared to witness boundaries being pushed and broken like never before…

Flow Rider, the teaser.



I for one am in awe. I never thought I’d ever see something as revolutionary as this.

Woah :astonished:
Some of that is hard to get your head around! A giant leap forward in unicycling!

Double post. Sorry, but this is exceeds amazing. I for one have made a entire .gif of this video and has set it as my desktop background. It’s just that good.

I’ve not watched this yet, but this is going to be a massive piss take and I’ll let you know if I have wasted a few minutes of my life which I will hunt you down and MAKE you give me back…

I’ve booked my plane to New Zealand and I’ve packed my favourite baseball bat.

That sucked.

loooooooooooool :d:d:d

Hi Duncan,

Obviously your new to the forums. What your doing (or should I say TYING to do :s) is an already popular style of unicycling called “street”.

But thanks for sharing


Lol wicked dude, Jeremys such a Catch U Next Tuesday

noo you’ve done it all wrong, its supposed to be on a Muni :roll_eyes:

lol that looked soooo hard.


People often shoot down new ideas. You are entitled to your opinion!

Im surprised such an accomplished rider as yourself cannot tell the difference. sheesh.

Im glad someone can see the skill involved.

lol sarcasim

Lol i love this thread

Are you crazy? I for one have taken the time to convert this entire video into a .gif file and set it as my background.

Anyone who challenges the amazing, fantasicability of this video is absolutely insane.


Man I thought that was one boastful statement until I saw the video. It is a whole new way of riding! :astonished: I totally get it now. I want to see if I can learn to ride FLUX too. Let me get this right - I have to leave out all my best tricks and ride really fast like I need a dump? I then ride down some dolly steps, do some really lame jumps, some little pirouettes and wobble as I go round corners. The aim is look as lame as possible right? Would the pirouettes look better with a tu-tu? Should we put our hair in bunches?..

That was quite lame… both in idea and what you trying to achieve. ie. embarrass Jeremy. Seriously lame dude.

Totally agree.

But what’s really funny is that I enjoyed that riding style and vid more than the average street vid.

With Extreme FLOW and pace!

Jeremy R. 15 hours ago
I like it :slight_smile:

I dont think hes embarrased.
Let him fend for himself, he has proved himself capable of taking much more than this on the forums and clearly doesnt take any hints people may be sending him concerning his backlog of rubbish and barely-not-spam posts.