florida riders

are there any of us out here.
yes i have used the unicycling roster.

oh by the way i have started a club.

yea but i dont know what use a club would do cuz we porbably live in really different parts.

fla riders

I’m in St. Pete…

old ppl live in florida

Old people live in their own gated communities and only leave to drive slowly to meet other old people, they don’t bother us too much.

I live in Stuart which is about 30 minutes north of West Palm.
The majority of old people are in Vero Beach and in small towns along the Gulf coast.

yes old people live in florida but it is still the # 1 state people visit for spring break(party seasion) and we dont have to fly to get to the parteys.
Oh ya and Joe is part of the club.

Don’t believe burjzyntski, the old people are everywhere! They’re in their big fat old-people cars and not all are driving slow, so look out! BTW, Last I looked Florida was the 4th most populous state. My dad and step-Mom do winters in West Palm.

There are lots of cool things in Florida.

JohnFoss, your right but i have one question,why havent you came with your mom and take a vacation in sunny West Palm Beach. You could vist the beach and the hostorical island of Palm Beach and vist the club.

^ because it was 97°F today…


[QUOTE ^ because it was 97°F today…]

Yes but what a buetifull 97* F it was

Riders in Florida

This thread is long dead, but just in case someone wanders by, I just wanted to make it known that there are currently unicycle clubs in Gainesville, Tallahassee, and Orlando (that I know of – probably more). All three groups are open to anyone. I’m not sure how often Orlando meets, but August - May the Gainesville/Tallahassee groups meet on a regular basis (weekly/biweekly).

Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions or want to let us know about another unicyclist group you know of in Florida/South Georgia! We’re always looking to meet other riders!

I’m one of those old people snow birds. I’ll be in Englewood in Jan. with my muni, my golf clubs and my sea kayak. Happy to have company for all three.