Floating Unicycles

Hi all, not posted for a while.

A bit of searching suggests this was covered some years ago but I recently discovered that unicycles float. Well, as least KH 29s do!

Don’t ask me how I know and apologies for no pictures, I was busy trying to recover said beast before it sank :astonished:


OK, I call my unicycle The Beast too. :smiley:

However, did you mean to say “before it floated away”? After all, if it floats it can’t sink, right? :o

I too discovered that my unicycle (Nimbus 26" Muni) is sea-worthy :slight_smile:

This weekend I had a failed dismount on a small bridge crossing a creek. The uni didn’t fall in, but when I tried to grab it, I ended up knocking it off the edge

I came here genuinely hopeful that I would see a unicycle floating in the air, like it was the focus of a Tim Burton movie or something.

I leave, sir, severely disappointed.

I think I also came here looking for a unicycle floating in air, which gets me thinking. How come no one’s invented some-sort of jetpack-unicycle hybrid? That would be pretty awesome and perhaps more practical for those of us who would love to commute by unicycle but the distance is too far.

a KH trials floats to :stuck_out_tongue: so does a cheep learner.

My ambitions were somewhat more limited. I was hoping for somebody riding a uni on water. I too am disappointed.

This is a terrible thread because now I’m wondering if my unis float!

what uni do you have? dont you have a K1 devil? if you do it floats. trust me :wink:

haha alright, good to know :smiley:

my old trials(koxx) went in the water twice and my new Kh trials once and my pool uni a few hundred times. we got a learner and jump it into a pool!

You are, of course, correct. My first concern was getting it before it sank, which rapidly changed to “before it floated away”.

My third concern was whether I’d have to give Mikefule CPR as he was laughing so hard I thought he might explode:D

There were a few floating unicycles during the trials comp at Unicon in Switzerland.

P7310052 (Medium) by nickjbanks, on Flickr

P7310051 (Medium) by nickjbanks, on Flickr

that is mean sending them throught the water! wet tyre and wood pallets = ice!

Yes, folks, I was there - but far too much of a gentleman to post the story first.

Gadge is not good at riding under hump-backed bridges, next to water. I was a few metres ahead, listening for the tell tale sound of the seat hitting the floor when instead I heard a splash.

By the time I turned around, Gadge was dangling from the handrail, reaching with outstretched toe to hook his 29 which was gradually drifting out into the middle of the Nottingham & Beeston Canal.

I have not laughed so much for many years.

Of course, none of this anything to do with Gadge being considerable taller than Mikefule. As someone nearly said - evolution in its majestic equality allows both the tall and short unicylist to ride under low bridges.

Or was it, never ride under low bridges with a Fule as you’ll never get down to their level?

Talent and experience may have something to do with it as well :smiley:

Haha let’s see a side by side pic!!!