Fliptrick video to be released 2/9/06

I’ve made a video with flip tricks and other sorts on february 5th. I’ve subtitled the trick name on each showing to maybe help with some of the trouble in the trick translation from one person to another. It’ll be on the forums tonight if anyone is interested.
Flip tricks include:
180 Flip
Sex Change
180 Doubleflip
Varial Backflip
And more…
I hope everyone will enjoy. Thanks for your time.
-Shaun Johanneson

any ceratin time i should look out for them?

Thank you! (in advance)

Congrats on the KH factory team thing.

hey shaun, it would be great to see the different flip tricks, but where can i find them ?


back flip eh??

I think by backflip he means back-footed crankfip.:slight_smile:

I thought backflip was already caught. I guess you are speaking about a reverse crankflip and not what it is question in that thread :

I’m sorry i don’t quite agree with this choice. In all the sports where “backflip” is used, it refers to a revolution in which your body is upside down : this shouldn’t be used for a revolution of the wheel.

Otherwise i think the others are appropriated and i really want to watch your vid. I like your powerful way of treating the uni.


I agree with manu, because then what would we call an actual backflip once someone has managed to pull it off?

I agree, but I wouldn’t worry about that happenning any time soon.

A backflip on a uni huh? Sorry backcrankflip seemed too long to name it. Works well with varialbackflip (name wise). I wouldn’t worry about anyone doing a backflip on a unicycle. It would be really insane but really stupid. it doesn’t seem to have a purpose, it couldn’t flow. First one to do it will name a backcrankflip. Laters.

-Shaun Johanneson

:smiley: You’ve got one point :stuck_out_tongue:

But it would help people from other sport not to misunderstand what we are talking about.


So where is that video??

Maxisback posted it for Shaun, this thread here: http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=46818

DIRECT LINK to the video