Fliptrick Tutorials

I’m starting to film today, but I don’t want to do a video. So i’m up for any flip tricks you guys wanna know how to do. I’ll take the most votes in a few hours and film the tutorial. I’ll continue to look back at this and make the fliptrick tutorial with the most suggestions.

p.s. Don’t give me anything you know I can’t do please.

-Shaun Johanneson

theres not much you cant do shaun :stuck_out_tongue:

id like a backflip tutorial, i just cant land them

Trey flips:)

Hey i know its not a fliptrick, but do you think you could do one on Inward unispins? Ive been having alot of trouble with these.

For flip tricks though, I would say Trey Flip, 180 backflips, and either outbackflips or hickbackflips.

180 flips and back flips

could you do a normal tutorial for normal crankflips? I know spencer and skate4flip made one, but I didn’t help much.

Your not gonna get a better tutorial than the one by Soencer and Jeff…Just ciz someone else does an identicle one wont make it anyeasier for you. Spencers tutorial tells you everything you need to kno…All you have to do now is practice.

The end to the crankflip threads

make a detailed crankflip to end the threads. if not a backflip tutorial would be great

ok, howabout a backflip one then. trey flip is 180 unispin crankflip, right?

wrong its a 360, crankflip

360 unispin?

hickflip: 180 unispin crankflip, starting from seat out and ending in seat out or seat in
trey flip: 360 unispin crankflip from out to out or out to in

and a few more (in case your wondering)

outflip: 180 unispin crankflip starting from seat in and going to seat out

varial flip: 180/180 crankflip going from seat in to seat out

If you want to know anymore, go to the Street Wiki page (it has definitions of all of them)

I will film hopefully do two tutorials tomorrow. Flips and looks like trey flips. Hope you all enjoy.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. Sorry i didn’t film any today. Had a bad day.

So you sign a sad song just to turn it around! YOU HAD A BAD DAY…!

hey, what is the page of all the flip tricks?

im learning crankflip now, but i can only du a half… and im learning do to backflips too…

I would like a crankflip tutorial. :roll_eyes:

Can you do like a 1.5 back?

me? no just like 0.5

ok but , i meaned if shaun cudd do :slight_smile:

No, I’ve kicked doublebacks only a few times, I haven’t ridden for a few months now, and when I did it wasn’t my objective for doublebacks. Maybe sometime soon. Until then it will be these tutorials.

-Shaun Johanneson