Hey well ive heard some about tricks, and I was just wondering wht tricks you should work on after it.

Tomarrow im going to try a sex change, i havnt even tried yet, i can 180 flip, and i am soo close to a hickflip, i can hit the pedals sometimes but cant stay on, i know im going to get it this weekend, this weed im in Salt Lake Utah skiing, then there is a skate park here that I can go to, unlike in my house back in Nebraska.

so just wondering wht tricks I should work on and after tht ect,

180 flip
ect plz help.



blind 180 flip

Hugespin flip.

Tre doubleflip

Fakie late doubleflip

They’re all the important ones.

haha, wow, Luke that was mean. hmmm a hugeflip eh? Wow, I can’t even Smallflip.

Flip, Backflip, Hickflip, 180flip, Doubleflip, Varialflip, Blind Hickflip, Sillyflip (seat in front crankflip, good to know for later), that’s really all I can think of for more beginner type flips some being more advanced than others.

-Shaun Johanneson

kool, i can flip, sooo close to a hickflip, i can 180 flip, i can silly flip, tht is wht i learned for practicin hickflip, cant variel flip.