Flips to grinds?

Anyone getting into these yet? Flip, 180flip, Hickflip, doubleflip, backcrank? Just curious.

-Shaun Johanneson

i think i possibly might have remembered justin koshe doing one in one of his videos… im probably worng though


Yeah, Justin did.

Not me though, yet.

You do some into ledge grinds in one of your videos, right? Maybe I’m dreaming, again.

Flips into ledge grinds probably aren’t too hard (for someone who doesn’t suck like me), but I think a flip into a rail would be a tad difficult. I’d really like to see one, though.

You, Tomesy?

Justin did a crankflip into a grind in an older vid, his favorite trick On the Defect porfile is the crankflip grind…

I guess it’s up to Shaun to show us how in his next vid!