Flipping the cranks in a Crankflip

Hi, I’ve studied Shaun Johanesson’s tutorial on crankflips which shows the first stage of the trick is the zero plant. I cant even get the cranks to spin yet! So how can i make the cranks to spin, my back foot always stops this happening.

lift your back foot up as soon as you kick the cranks. your backfoot needs to come up first.

in my opinion the zero plant should be the second step. i think it’s important to learn how to jump and kick the cranks first. basically when you’re riding at a nice steady pace as you reach your dominant foot position lean forward and put all of your weight onto your front foot. then jump straight up in the air, if done correctly you won’t even have to think about kick the cranks. the location of you body and where you’ve placed your weight will naturally let your foot kick the cranks. don’t worry so much with how much the cranks flip, just so long as you’re getting into the air and the cranks are spinning. once in the air just bail and don’t try to land it. after you’re comfortable kicking the cranks then move on to the zero plant. i think the zero plant helps you learn to land it more than it does to kick it. i hindered my progress a good bit by learning the zero plant first because instead of learning to kick the cranks i learned to just let the wheel roll from under me. it took me weeks to correct it. hope that helps

Is it really nessacary to learn the zero plant and then foot plant to get to the crankflip, or once i am able to kick the cranks well, then should i just try and land on the pedals.

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Hi mate.

Don’t know if you are aware but there is a UK forum. www.unicycleforums.co.uk
Check us out!
Plenty of helpful advice available on there. We have the legendary Jason Auld (British street champ) who im sure would give you a few tips.


cheers, will do

thanks for the help, now I can get the kick right most of the time, but now and again the uni swings in front of me, rather than the cranks spinning directly beneath me. I have no idea how to land it though?

you’ve mastered the most difficult. the rest is really just up to confidence. try focusing on jumping straight up and spotting the cranks when you’re coming down. you’ve really just got to keep you’re feet up a little longer than you think you should. it takes a while to get the balls to try and stick it, but once you do it the first time it’ll start seeming easier

yeh nice raymond, even retards can do the crank flip blud. u should try and aim to do a backflip on the unicycle instead. backflips are soooo much harder but are way cooler.
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Hi i need help with crank flips is well.

OK heres the low down i can flip the cranks but not fast enough so they do a whole rev what can i do to make them flip faster?

Also i can NOT zero plant did bother with doing those.

I see that once i can get the cranks to spin fast enough its just getting the balls to throw your feet back in or onto the pedals.

Thanks for the help in advance

I’ve noticed that when people do double, or tripleflips, they jump when the front pedal is at like 45 degrees to the floor, rather than parallel as when you do crankflips.

I could not spin the cranks well when i jumped when the pedals were horizontal so I tried jumping with my front pedal higher (like 45) and i could get a bigger kick and spin the cranks well, so i would try that unicycler100.

About zero plants, i read somewhere (can’t remember where though) that some don’t bother learning zero plants since is makes you swing the uni out in front of you, rather than jump straight up as you should. So I’m skipping the zero plant and foot plant, and just going for it.

Practising off a drop gives me extra time for the cranks to spin and for me to (try and) catch the pedals.

yea thanks i’ll try that today.

I can’t get the cranks to spin. do you basically shove them around or do you let the weight you put on them snap them around. And once u do get them spinning, how the heck do u land it…

Lean over uni abit and jump striaght up left your back foot of first then all your weight goes onto your front foot and kick it downwards. (thats how i do it) and to land then its just getting the balls to over come the fear of landing on them.