Flippin Flatastic would have been fluck vid!

yeh this is the vid i would have entered into the video competition, enjoy, i had loads of fun making it and thanks to everyone who made fluck great!

Lucasio King of the Gettt oh lol

that was great!

Nice! Good riding!

Why wasn’t it?

yeh i was confused with the time difference and stuff ha ha, thanks forrest, amanda and fredrik, fredrik i think your now one of my fav riders, hopping up those pallets almost as tall as you rolling was quality! and to see you so happy all the time when you got it was cool.

very nice video

loads of good stuff in there dunno what i liked best.

'twas quality keep it up

bye bye

I’m really sorry that some videos can’t compete in the video competition, it was not my decission !
I actually start to upload all videos that was shown to utv and I would love to add also this one and the 2 or 3 others that came some minutes to late.

I think we should make a second run of the competition in this forum with all videos. Let me know what you think about!?

lucas that was really entertaining to bad you didn’t enter it in time it would have done really well… keep it up

Haha, thanks! :wink:
Btw, our vid for FLUCK is up.

That was pretty good :sunglasses:

But it seems like the riding soud effects preceded the footage by about 30 seconds.

yeh sorry about that dunno what happened i think thats only on the upload because on my computer its fine, but real shame because you don’t hear the bang my arse makes on the ramp lol xx

wow mate, that was AWESOME! Such a shame it wasnt in th comp.

Thanks for the cup of tea you just made me, it was almost as good as the video.

Is that enough compliments to stay on your sofa again tonight?

Love you,