Flipman II - Unicycle

(not mine) This is one of the best edited unicycle videos ever IMO.

Damn, that was awesome. The ships made the video awesome.

Bit overeditted in terms of fast forwarding every 2 seconds, but still nice overall.

I saw this on facebook earlier, and I was thinking of posting it here too. :slight_smile: I think that in the beginning it was edited to the point of being distracting, with all the multiple screens and such, but towards the end it was calmer and really sick. Then I watched it again and just tried to focus on one screen, and that helped a bunch. Definitely one of the best unicycle videos ever.


camera work and colour were fantastic! however the split screens were overdone i think. sure they look all fancy but i just cant comfortably watch a video that has split screens moving around like that during a riding clip. in an intro they can work nicely but they were a total distraction to the riding. apart from that one little thing, the editing was also astounding! great work to the guys behind it all :slight_smile:

Agreed with the above. But it was edited very well for the style, also the shooting and post-work was really nice.

Watching it a second time, it’s not so bad, and you can appreciate the riding a lot more. Give it another watch if you haven’t already.

dont like the editing, technically PERFECT!, but too overedited for me
riding, well, i like it, nice style…

Flipman II - Unicycle

Damn Fantastic stuff here.

Yeah really loved this video. Its been over a year since we’ve seen anything from Vid. Good to see hes improving steadily. Keeping up no doubt. Has lots of original combos. Not so much original tricks… but original combos.