[Flip] Wonderful Christmastime


Youtube and Vimeo to come in the near future. Enjoy.

Comments appreciated :slight_smile:
-Eli Brill

awesome video.
very clean tricks;)
i can’t even a reverse sidejump and you do i with flip.


Thanks, Raphi :smiley:


Nice Eli!
Treyside Double and Trey Sideback!

I want to ride with you really badly.:smiley:


hahaha, thanks for the comments everyone :slight_smile:

Colby – NAUCC '10 :wink:

Nice video man. Enjoyed the music.:slight_smile:

Thanks, the music was just too good for the theme to pass it up :smiley:


Hmmmmmm… difficult, but ugly tricks :stuck_out_tongue:
Bet you didn’t expect me to say that haha.

Really difficult and creative tho, nice.

When I landed them, it felt like they looked really cool, if you know what I mean:p
But thanks :wink:

amazing :astonished:
i think the revers sideflip looks awesome

wow that was awesome :astonished: