Flip Video #2


Sorry about the day delay. The flip vid is finished. I believe there are 45 flips in this vid. Enjoy.

-Shaun Johanneson


thats all I can say:)

That’s insane.

All your tricks are so smooth.

Good work, it was defintly worth the wait

can you post it on unicyclist.com gallery? casue i can’t use U tube.

wow… good stuff. you make it look easy, especially the just the plain old crankflip. do you have to concentrate hard to do a crankflip or is it just second nature now?

SWEET! :astonished:

Hey where’s the 540 you said you would put in? Oh well it was a great vid anyways. Keep up the good work and someday you might get as good as I am…Maybe.

it says it not uploaded yet how long does it usually take to finish…
:thinking: :thinking:

Very nice, the 360 varial flip was really cool.

Awesomatic Sweetness To The Max!

i can do all that and more

that was crazy its good how you did all the trick in a row.


:astonished: :astonished: you’re my heroe :wink:

oh, thats extreme! like the smoothness in all the tricks in a row. 360varialflip, sick, late trey, sick,

youre the king!

wow, well done mate, that was fantastic. I loved the first run and loved the combos. Keep up the good work!!!


Here in the Netherlands we’ve got some one more: They called the VLA -flips.
A lovely smooth sweet delicious milkdesert that comes in different flavours like: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and even with little chocolate balls.
You really should try them!!!

wheres just grap tricks?

Really nice flips in there.

A few I saw coming but a lot I didn’t.

I like the runs in the vid, very smooth.

I liked the Fullvarialflip and the 360 varialflip.

Excellent mate, keep it up.


wow that was insane :astonished:

Thanks a lot, good to hear it was enjoyed. Since it’s a flipvid it’ll get pretty boring pretty quickly, haha. Oh well. I just wanted to see how many more I could learn and perform in little time. The 360 varialflip took awhile to get more than 270 (if you see it’s just a bit over since it’s perpendicular to the camera, and the camera is off set), but it’s only like 15-20 degrees more, oh well. After doing those, normal 360 flips came pretty easily to get enough the way around for it to be smooth (er). I’m glad it was appreciated. The big vid and warmup vids are now started. Kevin will be here in just over 3 hours. There should be a spring break vid too. Hope it’s enjoyed.

-Shaun Johanneson