Flip Idea

Well i was thinking yesturday… if anyone has ever like hoped on the wheel and then did like a big hop and like sideways ww but one big crankflip like spin… does that make sense ?? (im looking at you shaun)


That is sort of like a donkey kick, Dan does it in Defect and Shaun has done it in one of his movies. In a donkey kick you hop up the crown and have one foot on the frame and one on the tire then hop and push the tire and it flips then land on it. Is that what you mean?

I just thought of something from this, wheel walking seat drags, go from hopping on the crnaks, and let the seat go down in either direction, infront of yuo or behind you on the ground, once you feel good about it, jump onto the tire and run on it for a while, hop back on the cranks, hop a little, grab your seat back up and your done =p

We shall call it the RUNAWAY!!! lol

Im gonna have to try this today =p

Julien Monney was last reported as attempting this trick. Its one of the very few things that is actually physically possible on a unicycle, but its so hard as to make it nigh on impossible to perform.


Thats awesome, im gonna be trying it now too =p, but if i land it it will most likely be some type of weird mess-up that still ends up with me landing it lol

Or i should bend over a litle to hold onto the seatpost with hand, then run on the wheel, it might work that way

Ah yes.

Lol, Jerad glatt had the idea for that tric, he told me and we sessed it, it took alittle while but it went down, it’s really weird. lol. I did it in a run to go riding seat in front, crankflip to landing on the wheel hopping on the wheel, then apply pressure (not a donkey kick) to the side, kick hard, and flip it and land on the pedals, 90’ing the uni. It’s kidna cool, but i broke my frame doing it once, so i haven’t done it since. I’ll film it tonight if I have the time. Great idea though, it’s cool how people think of the same trick with no correlation between the people at all. Great minds think alike. lol.

-Shaun Johanneson