flip Help *Dont Kill Me For Asking*

OK over spring break I practiced zeroplants and footplants. I now can get triple zero plant on my freestyle uni and double on my trials and can get double on footplants with my trials. Well Ive been trying flips now and cannot get them. I lean over keep my arm straight jump and kick it but I can never get it to spin. When I do get a good spin the uni goes infront of me any tips.


P.S. Ive been reading all the threads and wtaching the videos so ive actually searched on this.

woah sry I thought i wrote crank infornt of flip im working on crankflips just to let yall know if you didnt pick up on that.

I find with crankflips that if you put your front foot for the kick, with just your toes or front part of foot on the pedal, the full flip is alot easier to kick. Try half flips as well. I found them easy.

If you do try half flips, dont get into the habit of only doing them. It can be hard to break out of and stuff.

AS for the flip, try the above, with just your toes or front part of your foot on the pedal, but instead of kicking straight down, try to kick diagonally down.

Like in a kickflip, you dont kick the board just straight up or to the side, you go in a diagonal motion and that really gets the spin.