Flint trials comp, Huge succes!

I just finished putting all my photos up from my This past weekend at Flint, and i even put together a movie


carl’s pictures

Anyways, It was a great time, we have our seperate catagorie from the bikes, which was basically 4 sport lines, with one Expert/Pro line thrown in. The expert / pro line was totally do-able, but then they decided to make it go from the other end, when they rode it with their mods. This really sucked. and it made this line VERY hard. Anyway, i eventually got it, but that wasnt’ in competition. The people who were there are:

Ryan Atkins (me)
Jeff Groves
Carl Hoyer
Mike Carrol
Sal Giof…
Jason ???
and Marcus ???

we met up with Mike (semper_uni) and he talked about his frame designs, rode our unis around, and hung out with us. It was nice having a nike trials rider to hang out with, some of the pros seemed a bit snooty. Oh well. It was a great time. I think next time, though, i’m going to compete against the expert bikes. This would be more challenging. Anyways, The comp went off without a hitch, there were some awesome prizes (thanks, Alpha Cycling ) and we even got to walk on some incredibly deep/soft red carpet, and hang out with mike at his frat house, and meet abby (for those who were there, you know what i mean) oh, and let’s not forget “lips” hehe. Anyways it was awesome, and the trials was unbelievable.

To see the results go here

That’s about it, hopefully there will be a better uni turn-out (and a bit more competition, and some better rules, and …
what am i talking about, it was great!!)


Flint was definately awesome. I had a great time and am very glad I went. It was good to meet some more unicyclists. Great pics. Can’t wait until next year. I agree that we should ride some more challenging courses next year. Hopefully we will have enough people to break it into three classes.

  • Sal “The Mobster” Gionfriddo

That looks great! An outdoor course and good weather. I also liked the video you posted. Looks like it was a good event. There are also three additional unicycle photos in their gallery at <http://www.sidehop.com/gallery/gallery.php> The pictures in their gallery of the bikes dropping down through the hole are also great.

Great video Ryan! That looked like a lot of fun. I also like the lake videos.


Yeh, that last lake video is particularly awsome.


Name that vehicle…
I want to say Accord. :slight_smile: