Flint, Michigan trials comp

Early this comming may there will be a Biketrials competition held at the incredible Flint riverfront.
My friends at BRISA are taking most of the responsibility for organizing the event and have given me permission to invite anyone interested in a unicycling trials comp to attend. Brisa’s owner, Roger, was amazed at the unicycling he saw at motorama early this season and would love to see such a great sport advance.
the begginer and sport biketrials courses should be reasonalby challenging for anyone with unicycling trials skills.
the real fun comes with the free trials comp, where all of the tape is removed and it’s an all out free for all.
pictures of the park are shown in the link below, it has been called one of the best urban trials areas in the country, something certainly worth the drive.
the site below also contains hotel info and directions.
I’m planning on co sponsoring this event if there is a reasonable amount of interest. i’ll probably offer an ALPHA frame or two to the winners of the unicycling event. if you’ve been reading about the frame project you know what i’m talking about…

i’d love to see some uni riders there, i think it would give the sport some much deserved attention amongst a crowd that is full of people who have the potential to convert to one wheeling.
in the past the comp has also drawn media attention due to the spots obscure nature. wait til they see it on a uni.

some words from Roger, the Brisa guy: (go to the sites he mentions if interested, start a thread and lets see where we can take this thing. )

"Dale, our close partner was supporting BRISA and promoting the River Front Trials comp known as the FLINT comp. He had a huge banner way up above our stand making us look ghetto and handing out flyers. I have to say, this man is organized and with Jason, JP of Michigan and our support, FLINT is destined to stay on the map as a major Trials competition in North America.

This year the FLINT competition will be a NATS, UBA and US World Trials Team qualifier. So don’t miss it for the world. We are bringing Nelson Reis back so him and Santos along with all the other Pros will be tearing it UP! For more information on FLINT, go to www.sidehop.com or www.nats.com. "

If interested in competing, or just hanging out with some guys from the great lakes region let me know.

sounds like fun! how far is Michigan from Toronto? I’deither have to bus or fly down. Would it be worth it?

good luck with the frame.


A buddy of mine just drove to toronto this weekend to pick up some fake ID’s. he says it took him about four hours each way.

there is a street trials comp in the toronto area that weekend that was neglected when planning a date for this event.

i know that there are some toronto riders coming to this comp, if interested i could try to get you some contact info for them and maybe you could hitch a ride.

i’m thinking i could shack a few guys up at my place for the weekend as well. i live about forty five minutes form the comp, but my fraternity’s house is only ten minutes away. we have lots of couches although many of them smell like beer and various bodily fluids.

Flint is the coolest place i’ve ever ridden. i highly reccomend making a visit someday even if you can’t make it to the comp.