Flint MI, NATS Comp #3 May 3rd

As many of you know Uni Trials made its debut this Feb on the NATS circut I dont know if there are any unicycle riders planning on going to the comp in April out in Cali. But May brings the best trials riders in the world to Michigan.

I just wanted to get an idea if anyone has talked to the people hosting the Flint Comp about having Unicylces Compete.

I just found out my local riders (bike trials) will be there and I am greatly debating going out for the event.


Hey Mike,

Check this out …

The fact that it’s mostly natural makes it sound really cool. I’m planning on making the trip and I think a couple others from Toronto will likely join me.


DAMN!!! if only someone around here was willing to drive out… it’s only 12 hours, not that much. only 12 hours, not that much…

yup, i intend on coming with carl
should be fun!


flint town

i was really hoping this event would draw some attention…
as far as uniers being invited/allowed, you are all more than welcome!
someone mentioned flint being mostly natural? about the only thing natural about the flint riverfront is the fish floating on top of the river. it’s as urban as it gets. truly amazing riding.

i’m still hopin on pumpin out enough aluminum frames to offer them as prizes, if for some reason things don’t go as planned i’ll still have enough swag to make it worth the ride.
anyone seriouslly interested in aplace to stay should email me at michealpritchett@hotmail.com as i mentioned before i have a fraternity house an my dads house that i could stash a few guys (or girls) for a night or two.

hope to see you guys in flint.