Flightline Trail MUni

Myself, Eric, and John had a blast on flightline trail today. we did a total of about 4 miles or technical rocky trials, fast DH north shoreish structures, loose sandy downhill, and some insanely steep downhills that hurt looking at.

unfortunantly, we forgot to bring the video camera, but next time we will!

anyway, we had a blast, and are now stinky, tired, and dirty.

My dad and one of my friends came and hiked along with us also.


Sounds like you guys had a fun ride! I too, just got back from a 4+ hour muni ride with my buddy Jim. I did bring a video cam and will be posting the vid later tomorrow. Sorry for the “partial” Jack.

no problem. hope your ride was as fun as mine!

It was a major BLAST! Lots of variety; roots, rocks, drops, skinnys, you name it, plus lots of shade! It was like a lush forest in many sections and we even saw three deers…Did the deer have a little doe? Yeah, Two Bucks!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I was pretty proud of a three+ foot gap I did from one boulder to another! For me that’s not too bad!

yea, we had a great breeze cooling us down.

Awsome! I have to come out and join you guys soon! Next Saturday we’re thinking of trying something in Santa Monica mountains. I’ll have to get in touch with John Long (vivalargo) since he lives near there and knows all the trails in SM.

is that really far away?

what, Santa Monica? It’s about 20-25 miles from my house. And I’m about 120 miles from SD.

is it past your house up north, so farther away from me or closer?

Farther. Depending on where in SD you live, I would estimate your drive to be about 140 miles, or 2 hours drive at 70 mph average. But longer with stops, traffic, etc. But WORTH IT!

provbably not then. oh well, maybe next time…

Mornish, What are these “Northshore” Style ramps you talk of? Also, where is this trail? Iv been looking for a Freeride trail to rip up in socal.

your in Ojai right? the trail is in clairmont. I think it’s kind of far away from you, but I’m not sure. There were a bunch of laddery wood thingys we were riding down/across. they were really fun…

Clairemont? Or Claremont? The first one is in SD, the second is Los Angeles county. I have a feeling it’s SD.


carlsbad :wink:

oops, my bad:o