Flicking the seat up after a seat drag

Can anyone help me with this? I’m very confident with my seat drags (behind and infront) but I can’t seem get the seat back up when I drag it behind me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :o

seat drags are a tricky skill but if you want to pick the seat up it turns it into a really hard and frustrating trick. now i believe that there are two ways of doing this one of them is to slowly bend down and attempt to pick it up with your hand, however if this move goes wrong you could end up hurting your reproductive organs. so the alternative is picking it up with your feet, sounds impossible but if you watch 2:34 here http://www.youtube.com/user/ChatteDeluxeNo1#p/a/u/0/_oKzUkg70dg you will see that nothing is impossible on a unicycle.
well Will its probably not the best advice in the world but i hope i helps you.
And just pondering but have you got crankflips yet.

Thanks dude, I love that video!

Like I said, I’m pretty confident with seatdrops so I’m able to bend down and pick it up if I drop infront but that damn flick gets me every time! It looks like she stops for a split second to angle her foot and brings it up with the rev over. I’m sure it’s easier with a freestyle uni than with my trials/street uni :stuck_out_tongue:

And crankflips…hmm. I landed one and fell off after I pedalled out (it’s on youtube) but I haven’t been able to commit to any more since then :frowning:

a little off topic…
i got a couple crankflips in adelaide because I REALLY wanted to land them (and Tirryn was yelling at me at the same time :p) which means you have to get them too!
you can do them - and you WILL do them :slight_smile:
just MAN UP, jump and stay over the uni :smiley:

guarantee you’ll get them first go if you commit :sunglasses:

At the risk of going further off topic, I’ll just say that you two should check the today I landed video thread :slight_smile:

i think i saw it on youtube first, but man, WELL DONE! now go learn hickflips (after i learn them of course :p)
keep it up, seriously :smiley: