Flick Flock feedback?

Any feedback on the Flick Flock hubs that came out a while ago? I’m considering purchasing one (probably go with a Mad4One uni with the hub). There was some discussion when they first came out, but it seems quiet since then. Schlumpf is getting more attention. Any issues with the Flick Flock? Do you like it?

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As it is a first batch, it has some issues. Mine was doing some bad noises. It went back to Marco and I’m now waiting for it to be laced again. It is not as easy as a Schlumpf when shifting back to fixed as you’ll have to wait for one of the five (six?) specific positions. It sometimes does not fully engage so it can get back to fixed or freewheel without you wanted it. But that’s quit rare.

Overall, that’s a great hub I would advice anyone wanting to ride freewheel and fixed to get.