Flexy KH saddle?

I noticed a recent thread about a “broken” KH saddle. I was wondering about it’s overall flexiness. Mines not broke. Its been like that since day one, but is there anything that can be done to a KH saddle to make it rigid. I think the set is great and going from a Viscount with no handle to it, I believe it changed my riding for the better.

Re: Flexy KH saddle?

I don’t know which one you have, but the very earliest model came without a metal plate reinforcement in the front of the seat. The current model comes with a reinforcement plate that mostly solves this problem, except for a few rare cases of breakage.

The 2004 seats will come with a 20% thicker, more rigid plate that virtually eliminates any seat flex and should solve breakage or bolt loosening/turning problems.

-Kris Holm

How do i know what model mine is?

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Good stuff Kris! I just got your KH24 last week and after a 5 miles ride the bolts have spun themselves loose. I heard some creaking and it ended up being just that. Nothing a little lock-tight won’t fix, but I still look forward to the 2004 seat!

Fixing seat flexion

I had always known the flexiness was a weakness, and had tried to jump with mostly my legs and pull only the weight of the Unicycle up with the handle. Mike might not have known this, or else maybe he couldn’t control himself, so he yanked for all he was worth on the NZ$90 (replacement value) seat, snapping it in half. It is still usable but the upward flex is multiplied. I won’t replace, fix, or use it because today I put my Reeder handle on the Carbon fibre airseat. I saw a thread in which a fix for the plateless KH seats is mentioned with the picture (attached), but I can’t remember the author or else I would quote her (or him). This solution would probably work best as a prevention rather than a cure for cracking.

I don’t think it is a 2004 model. It was whatever unicycle.com sold me about a month and a half ago. A 2003? So the metal plate thing in Rowan’s picture. It looks like a seatpost with the welded on reiforcing plate? Is that what I need? Unicycle.com got 'em?

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Kris, May I also suggest using cap nuts with taller caps, or shortening the bolts for the seat mount, or some other change. Reason: on all 3 KH seats I have used, when the nuts are tightened, the bolts push up on the caps; and the caps (eventually) break/fall off, exposing the rather “nasty to fingers” threads on the bolts.


sweet god in Heaven,use more washers…

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This should also have been fixed on the 2004 model (which isn’t available yet). The new seats should be available by late October/early November or so, all things going well.