Flexibility of trials wheels

Hi there,

I am thinking about getting a trials-type 20" unicycle (a Tuni, as it has been called recently), and I have a few newbie tire questions:

  1. I understand that a 20" Monty tire uses a 19" rim. Would I be limited to trials-only tires on this rim, or can some more slick freestyle type tires fit?

  2. If not, would the Hookworm tire (used for BMX) fit and be an ok compromise?

  3. If not, how difficult would it be to change the wheel between rides (assuming that the unicycle would have main-cap bearings)?

The reason I ask is that I (like many, I would imagine) have limited funds to devote to unicycling <sigh> and I would like to have a multi-purpose 20" to add to the clutter in my apartment <grin>. I am interested in playing with both trials and freestyle maneuvers on this machine, but I wouldn’t be serious enough for competition in either trials nor freestyle (just for fUn!).

Thanks in advance for sharing your wisdom, O Venerable Uni Experts! :slight_smile:


The 19" rims will only fit the trials style tires like the Monty tire. You will need to opt for two wheels, one for trials and one for freestyle, and swap them as needed. A frame with main cap style bearing holders will make this type of swap easy to do. Along with swapping the wheel you’ll need to adjust the seat height from trials height to freestyle height.

Ideally both wheels should use the same brand of hub (for example the Suzue hub) so that the bearing spacing will be the same. That will make wheel swaps easier. If you try to use two different brands of hubs then you’ll need to confirm with unicycle.com that both hubs use the same bearing spacing.

Re: Flexibility of trials wheels

See, catching on already! I did use that last year some time though…

If a mountain unicycle is a Muni and a trials unicycle is a Tuni, would a freestyle unicycle be a Funi?

just askin’


So it follows that a giraffe unicycle is a GUni (goony), yah?

And a Distance uni is a Duni. but it’s not really that important, I just wanted to abreviate something.

An one with spikes for ice riding…a Zambuni?

Or a distance uni could be a “Cuni”, if a Coker. I think duni sounds better, but cuni looks kind of cool. :smiley:

Thanks for the wheel info, John. That helps a lot.


Unless you’re in Mississippi where “Cuni” does not sound like an endearing term.

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RE: nickname for distance unicycle

Ah. I didn’t think of that…

“Duni” it is!

My apologies.


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[B]Darling Unispin, I would never DREAM of attacking unicycling.com!
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Yet, running IS a very effective form of aerobic exercise.
In moderation, it is a form of cross-training that brings physiological benefits to the average unicyclist at a reduced psychological-stress level… by affording a respite from the heckling that often accompanies public unicycling.


Back on the original topic, I suggest you just get the Trials uni and use it for everything. I’ve heard various mentions that a Trials uni is not good for Freestyle, but I’ve yet to see the evidence.

I have only two problems with my Trials uni for freestyle:

  1. Tire marks the floor. This only matters if you ride indoors.

  2. Long cranks. This is only a problem if your Trials uni has long cranks.

The old Schwinn 20" unis came with 140mm cranks. They work, they’re just a little long. you can get by with them for both Trials or Freestyle. 125mm would be even better. I used 125mm cranks on my Freestyle uni from 1984 (the year I started usind 20") to this year, when I got my new one.

As regards tuni, funi, guni, kangaruni, stuni, ultuni, and even MUni, remember these terms are meaningful only to us, not the general population. So if you’re making T-shirts, or other public forms of messaging, remember to spell out “unicycle” if you want people to know what you’re all about.

So Zambuni is cool then?


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