Flekin is back.

Greetings Comrades,

I’m back.
After a 2 year break from unicycling.
Don’t know why I stopped when I was just starting to get good.

Anyways, I’m back and riding my 36" accross town, 20" through the obstacle filled downtown Sacramento, and my 5’ giraffe in the driveway.

Really came here for tips on mounting a giraffe for a beginner level unicyclist, but I think I’ll stay.

Riding my giraffe isn’t too hard, but getting ontop of it is my problem.

Edit: I think I went by the name “Klown” before.
Yes, I was a dickhead.

For mounting a giraffe I prefer to do a climbing mount. I’m not sure if that is what it is called, but that is the motion of it.

Anyways, I mount with my right foot, so I position the right pedal straight down, in lined with the frame pretty much.

Hold onto the seat with both hands, and put your left foot on the tire, right between the frame, so if you put any weight on it, the tire will not roll forwards.

Now with your left foot firmly on the tire, step up and bring your right foot to the pedal, as soon as it is on the pedal, bring your left foot to the other pedal and your body over the seat.

All that should happen in the matter of seconds. Then ride away.

If you mount with your left foot, its the same procedure, just switch what I typed above. Left foot becomes right, you get it.

There is also the rolling mount. Walk, job, whatever pace you want with your uni in front of you. I like to go at a fast walking speed for this. Like I said before, I mount with my right foot, so as the right pedal is coming up towards me, I do a little hop to get my foot on there, and put my weight straight down on it, this cause my body to fling up onto the uni, and the unicycle to pedal backwards bringing me right on top of it, then I either ride backwards, hop and do a 180, idle for a little, or just ride straight forwards.

Watch a video with giraffe mounting in and practice a lot.

I’m a little scared to try the rolling mount, since I hurt my “buddies” last time I tried.

The climbing/static/whatever mount works for me half the time, but I tend to reach out to grab something.
Old habbit.

When I recover from my “sit-down” incident, I’ll give it a go.

I dont do the rolling one much because a lot of times I slip, or hit the pedal at the wrong time, and then I fall. lol

Still can’t get it.

Been trying this for almost an hour straight.
Rolling mount isn’t working…

Climbing mount is still a little awkward.

Hawo Flekin, maybe this can help you somewhat. :smiley:

:smiley: Freemounting a giraffe unicycle. :smiley:

Good luck with it all

The best tutorial of them all on how to free mount a giraffe uni.

It’s also in my sig. Happy mounting:)

Nice link, thanks.

I have a wooden gate to pull myself up/keep balance as I get on, but freemounting is still difficult.

The jumping climb seems easiest to me, but still hard as hell.

Were you the KLOWN-LIFE lad from somewhere in Scotland?


Close, but no cigar. :’

Edit: All this landing on my feet over and over again is messing up my knee.
I know it varies for each person, it took my friend a whole month to free mount a 20" uni, whereas it took me about 4 days.
But, how long should this take to get the hang of?

A bunch more vid mounting tutorials:

I’d get real good at riding w/ 1 ft. frwds & bkwds, idling, and a bunch of different mounts on the 20, then w/ shorter cranks, then move onto the giraffe.

Practice mounting w/ the other foot, also dismount w/ a diff foot.
You said the answer to that yourself:)

I’ve seen all of these.
First thing I did was look this all up on youtube, even before I went out and got a giraffe.