Well, jumped down these 5 stairs and i kinda had low PSI and my inner tube burst :astonished: Almost cried. Not very nice 2 1cm slices in the innder tube. I tried to repair them but after pumping it up i decided to pump it up more to see if it would stand any drops and stuff. about 20 PSI and “pop!”…slow hissing noise, PSI zooming back down.:frowning:

What i wanted to ask was if i should attepmt to repair again or just buy a new inner tube? If so can i get a good 19" inner tube from my local boke shop? If so is there any types/brands you suggest.

Oh and one last question what PSI should i have my tube at? Im about 11stone 1.

Many thanks in advance(hehe that rhyms)


IRC 19" trials tube.

I dont know if your LBS can get these, but its worth a shot. Or just ask for any mod trials tubes. Make sure if they do order a tube for you, its a 19". If they cant get any 19" tubes, just buy a 20" pinch resistant tube. Those still fit in the tire.

You could try to repair it again, but usually, snakebites are tough to repair, specially if they are big gashes in the tire. If the holes are pretty tiny, it wont be hard at all to patch it up. Just make sure you do a good patch job.

For your PSI, its all in the preference. I ride mine with 30psi, nothing over, nothing under. I weigh 174-176 pounds.

From your story, your riding with a PSI too low for you, so pump it up a little, and see if you bottom out from a drop, if so, pump it up some more.

Get it to a pressure so you wont bottom out from jumps, and its still soft enough to get some compression with the tire.

i actually ride with 35-30 psi simply caus ei dont want to do that lol and i find that i can hop just as high with a 30psi tyre than a lower psi tyre… but a lower than 30psi tyre in drops does very weird things.

I found that out the hard way :roll_eyes:

I brought 2 tubes… i had a split in after 15 mins of riding and im using teh other one now.
Ill have to get some proper ones of unicycle.com. i hate the £9 postage even on small things:(

i use a 20x2.3 tube in my maxxis cc.

seems to be holding up fine so far

this was a 20 X 2.125l. :thinking:

that 0.175 really makes a big difference eh?

You never no… say that to a wheel builder or a mechanic or engineer:D

if NASA was off by 0.175 thered be a few more cock-ups eh :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a chance of more!!! they amke enough…:wink: :roll_eyes:

i bet they have less deaths per mile than any other type of transport :stuck_out_tongue:

I use those too. They work fine as long as you dont bottom out. =p

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