Flat's not dead!

A small vid from Czech Republic, i did this video when holidays started :slight_smile:

I hope that you enjoy it :slight_smile: Please comment.

I like highseated! do your fifths with saddle frontwards. :slight_smile:

I saw a treyflip but not a fifthflip. Solid riding dude, keep it up.

flats progressing every day…i dont think you thought about this title before you made this thread. i didnt watch your video.

good riding!
music and editing were awesome :smiley:
what’s the music name?

Nice riding, filming, editing!

overall, very nice.

Can you also share the song name with me?

second song is “viva la revolution” by the addicts i think

dont know the first off the top of my head

Music was really bad, and beside that I can’t understand the tile in a such rich period for flat (there are new flatland videos almost every day), but the riding was not bad at all

Woohoo! Let’s not get hung up about the title. He never said Flat was ever dead, only that it is currently not dead. And the opposite of death is life, so Flat is living! And living things grow, so Flat is growing!..life is great on the flipside.

Nice riding, btw. :slight_smile:

Song is by The unseen Scream out.

:astonished: I don’t know what to say…pwnd?

Pretty cool man keep it up.

sure, but to say that flat is not dead you usually need someone or a situation who support the opposite vision. Otherwise,it is just informing of something that we all already know, a meaningless thing.

Sorry for my english, but I wanted to specify this

No you dont.

Im not dead.

Nice vid and riding. :slight_smile:

After seeing this vid again, I think I know why he took the titel:‘flat’s not dead’ :stuck_out_tongue:
at 0:23 you hear somethink like: 'flat’s not dead (go) ’ in the music :roll_eyes:
so, if that is the reason why he took this title, I find it a very good tittle :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope you understand me…

And I can’t stop watching this vid xD

It’s the same as when justin timberlake brought sexy back… it didn’t go anywhere… but the song still made the charts.