flatland unicycling!

My friend wants to become a flatland rider.
We dont know where to get a “flat unicycle” only because i dont think theres such thing. I think you use a street r freestyle, im really not sure.
this is in australia by the way

What unicycle does he get?
How should he start flatland riding?
Should he get a kool lookin unicycle with a coloured rim?

Any other comments would be appreciated

there’s really not much in the way of parts down here.

I’d recommend going with one of these frames:


and build the rest from there. The frame is the most important feature and thats pretty much the only decent models you will find.

I have a unicycle built with one of those frames. Its quite good and pretty cheap to put together. It has:

standard cranks 102mm (unicycle.com australia)
20 inch nimbus wheelset - blue rim (unicycle.com australia)
black deluxe non-marking pedals (unicycle.com nz) (wanted white but hey the stores are shit like that :angry: )
black kizkumbut tyre (unicycle.com nz) (wanted white too)
miyata saddle (you won’t be able to get one of these easily just try and a get a decent one from au).

lol. There is its just that they aren’t sold readily because the market is not as big (especially in australia).

Here’s the miyata website (japanese company) - https://www.mys-co.com/shop_e/.

There’s a heap of awesome products there, i’ve always wanted to look into it but i’m not really sure how/if that site still works. It hasn’t been updates since 2006 by the looks of things and dodgy english translations never help. I think i emailed them once and never got a response :stuck_out_tongue:

oh and if you look here: http://www.mys-co.com/ you will see that it has 2003 as the date :thinking:

If a Koxx one “Flat” unicycle is not an option I would recommend a nimbus x street with quax CrMO 125 cranks.

The most important things in a flat unicycle are the cranks and the frame. It has to have a square crown and the cranks have to be nice and thick.

From what I have seen from flat riders the prefered cranks that are currently available seem to be:

K1 street cranks
Qu-ax chromo street cranks
KH moments

Another good set of cranks are either the Profiles or the older 2006 KH cranks, but these aren’t very compatible with other frames and hubs, and are quite expensive.

Also its a good idea to put grip tape on your cranks.

What nick showed you is more of a freestyle unicycle and the cranks are pretty horrid for “flat land” riding.

In terms of what is available in Aus, I would recomend getting a Nimbus street uni with KH cranks.

Theres the Black Domina 2 and the new alien backflip range
which are all designed for flatriding.

We were heading for the nimbus x street because there wasn’t really much else and its on unicycle.au which is in australia where we are. Its affordable. Its got a squared frame and the cranks…Black Qu-Ax ISIS cranks in 125mm length" would them cranks be alrite?

So should he get the nimbus x street? we both think we should.

Now off the topic of what unicycle to get, the tricks.
What tricks should he learn first? whats more advanced etc…

ive noticed that the frame is long necked on the x street, would it be too tall for him, hes 13 and taller than me by a head length.

I would send them an email and ask if the cranks on the nimbus x are the CrMO cranks. The picture has the aluminum, and I am not sure if the only ones that are black or the CrMO cranks or not. Those ALU cranks in the picture will not be good for flat.

Frame should be okay in 300, They should be able to cut it shorter if you need, as could anyone with simple tools.

the cranks.surely the cranks should be alrite , why wouldnt they be?

what size moments would i get if i do?

Nimbus X street is only $315 in Australia? I’d get it. And put 125mm Qu-ax CrMo cranks on. And plastic pedals. You could buy the cranks (and pedals) from unicycle.co.uk. Cranks should only cost 5 pound to ship to Australia because a CF base only cost 5 pound to ship to NZ.

O and I have a question. Why is a fat tyre important in flatland?

YAY! my frend ordered the x street and aliminum dx pedals now all we have to do is send the cheque off then he will have it next week! Im helpin him send out a cheque and all tomorrow! Hes getting aliminum pedals cos he really wants them to last long.

Im also getting 2 double wheel ext kits soon. Im going busking 2 days and hopefully make aproxamitly 180$, ive already got 200 so ill buy 2 double wheel ext kits and ill have 80$ leftover which will go towards kh leg armour!