Flatland Unicycling-Spring 2013

It sure feels great to be riding outside again! Check out my spring video:

Squeaky clean as usual. I love the really really long scuff coast.

I’m amazed at how high off the ground you get on those flip tricks. For me flipping the cranks seems to suck all the energy out of the hop. I can just barely get enough height to do a crank flip.


The height really comes naturally as you get comfortable with crankflips.

Unbelievable! You are so good Dan. Your videos are always my favourite to watch.

I generally don’t like flat vids but I always like yours :sunglasses:

What I like best is almost zero correction hops. You made everything look easy.

Thanks guys!

Wow that was incredible. You had so many sweet tricks in there. Your flatland is always super clean, but man your flip tricks, they blew my mind. You have gotten really good at all sorts of variations of kick/flip tricks. Also I really liked that long scuff coast and then that outside scuff coast, those were pretty sweet. Great vid Dan and keep up the great riding!

Excellent riding, what are you filming with? I just picked up a Canon HF G20 to shoot some footage.

Thanks a lot!

I’m filming with a Samsung NX200. I use the kit lens and old Minolta lenses with an adapter.

pretty awesome
pretty good flatland riding